Vermont Sheriffs’ Association Endorses Phil Scott for Governor

Highlight Scott’s record of working with law enforcement and 10-point plan to combat the opiate crisis 

Rutland, Vt. – At an afternoon event in Rutland County Tuesday, the Vermont Sheriffs’ Association endorsed Phil Scott for Governor.

“The Vermont Sheriffs’ Association announced their endorsement, by majority vote of Phil Scott for Governor of Vermont. The VSA has long recognized his accomplishments as the Chair of the Governor’s Emergency Preparedness Advisory Council, his leadership in school safety while working with the Vermont Enhanced 911 Board and his commitment in combating opiate addiction and it’s collateral damage in this state” said Lamoille County Sheriff Roger Marcoux. “Phil has long been an advocate of fair and impartial policing and has always strongly supported the law enforcement community. Phil Scott is a thoughtful person who has already proven that he is an effective leader. The Vermont Sheriffs’ Association is proud to endorse him,” Marcoux added.

“I am grateful to have the endorsement of the Vermont Sheriffs’ Association,” Scott said. “I have tremendous respect and appreciation for the work our sheriffs’ do to keep us safe – it’s hard work and I want to thank them for their service.”

Scott said continuing to combat addiction in Vermont will be a top priority.  “One of the underlying drivers of crime in Vermont is addiction,” Scott said. “My plan will build on the progress we’ve made as a state and on the models that have proven successful.”

Highlights of Scott’s 10 point plan include:

  1. Expand Community Commitment & Take Individual Responsibility
  2. Add Treatment Options & More Licensed Counselors
  3. Assign a Director of Drug Abuse Prevention Policy in the Office of the Governor
  4. Create the Governor’s Opioid Coordination Cabinet
  5. Establish Annual Statewide Summit on Drug Abuse Prevention
  6. Give Law Enforcement More Flexibility to Help Addicts to Seek Treatment
  7.  Monitor Expansion of Medically Assisted Treatment Programs
  8. Require Digital Prescriptions
  9. Support Long Term Treatment
  10. Advocate for Federal Drug Disposal Rules

Read the full plan at

Listen, Learn, Lead: Meet Phil Scott
Phil Scott has been a consistent voice of reason and common sense in Montpelier. As the only Republican elected to statewide office, Phil has shown determination and leadership in advocating for Vermonters, fighting for affordability and promoting policies and programs that benefit Vermont families and the economy. Read about Phil Scott’s plans at

The Vermont Sheriffs’ Association: 
The Sheriffs’ Association works on behalf of all Sheriffs’ departments in Vermont to promote the best methods and technologies for protecting the lives and property of our families, friends and neighbors. The Sheriffs’ Association also advocates in Montpelier for effective emergency preparedness, public safety, crime prevention, criminal justice, court security prisoner transport and officer training policies. The most critical goal of a local sheriff is to serve and protect all citizens.