Building a Stronger Economy

We must work together to build an economy that keeps and attracts working-age families, employers, innovators and entrepreneurs. If we make Vermont more affordable, and build a more robust economy, current employers will stay, new employers will come, wages will rise, and tax revenue for government services will increase so we can invest in the future of our state.

Here are my core principles for economic growth:

01. Work Together, Focus on the Fundamentals & Contain Costs for Families and Businesses.

If legislation responsibly decreases the costs of living and doing business in Vermont, I will support it. If it increases costs, I will resist it. All ideas need to be on the table, because no single person or party has all the answers and we’re all in this together. I will work with anyone who shares the goals of making Vermont more affordable, growing our economy, and retaining and attracting good jobs and working families.

02. Ensure a Predictable Political Environment.

Building a stronger, more diverse economy requires a steady and efficient government to compete in the 21st Century marketplace.   Stability and predictability is necessary for progress. I will focus on making government work better, more efficiently and more predictably. We will not over promise, and there will be no more costly ideological experiments – public policy will be about getting clearly defined results.

03. Set Clear Budget Priorities and Make Smart Investments.

We will prioritize and invest in pro-growth areas like job training, higher education, technical education and road and telecommunications infrastructure. Great teams are the cornerstones of every good business. I know this from my own experience. Companies need good people and people need good jobs. We will also more aggressively market Vermont as a place to live, work and grow a business.

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