Lisman Lies Cross the Line

Lisman Lies Cross the Line
Middlesex, Vt. – Phil Scott for Vermont campaign spokeswoman Brittney Wilson today issued the following statement on Bruce Lisman’s latest lies and attack ads:

For month’s Bruce Lisman has lied to voters about Phil’s record, his plans and his priorities.  But now he’s lying to you about Phil’s family business.  Bruce Lisman is incapable of being honest – it’s that simple.

Phil is a leader of integrity. He runs his small family business with the same integrity he brings to public service. There are 35 people who rely on that company to provide for their own families. Phil takes that responsibility seriously and works with his partners to ensure the company stays competitive.  That includes bidding on jobs of all types and sizes.

The state bidding and contracting process is one of the most open, transparent and competitive processes in state government. Further, Phil’s office has no involvement in this process and multiple public records requests – including a private investigator hired by Bruce Lisman – have demonstrated that Phil Scott has always played by the rules.

So again, Bruce Lisman is lying.

As Phil has already made clear, if elected as Governor, he will fully separate from the family business to eliminate any potential conflict of interest, or the appearance of one. He will not be involved in any business discussions or decisions, nor will he profit from them in any way – he will be totally separated from the business.

Make no mistake; the latest ad is a calculated lie by Bruce Lisman intended to smear the reputation of a family business and a public servant. The politics behind this attack is especially apparent when coming from a Wall Street executive whose companies drove America’s economy to its knees — and bankrupted millions of working families – while he pocketed millions in cash.  Now Lisman is using his dirty Wall St. money to mislead Vermonters about Phil, a man who has created jobs right here in Vermont, where integrity matters and no dollar amount will ever be worth risking one’s reputation.

Phil’s experience as a small-business owner is exactly what we need in our next governor, and provides an important perspective for any legislator to bring to office. Attacking that experience and insinuating that anything other than hard work, quality service and strong, honest leadership contributed to Phil’s success is a disgrace.

Phil is the candidate who best understands the realities of life for everyday, working families and the burden Vermont’s growing crisis of affordability has placed on us and on our employers. That’s why he continues to be the candidate focused on the issues  — the economy, affordability and faith and trust in government — and his plans to lead Vermont towards greater prosperity.   Join us in rejecting Bruce Lisman’s lies and vote for Phil Scott on August 9th.