The Daily Newspaper Says Scott is Best Prepared Republican to Take the Reins as Governor

The Burlington Free Press endorsed Phil Scott for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, highlighting Scott’s public and private sector experience, his character and his ability to get things done.

“Scott balances his experience in government with his first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to own and operate a small business in Vermont,” said the Free Press in its endorsement. “Scott’s record in the Statehouse says he understands that governing is more than bold statements and flashy initiatives, and that the true service to the people often happens in little ways that make life just a little less difficult for Vermonters,” the paper continued.

“I’m proud to earn the endorsement of Vermont’s largest daily newspaper, and grateful to its editorial board for closely evaluating my record and my proposals, and recognizing my history of fighting for Vermonters,” said Scott. “I will, as the paper notes, continue fighting to strengthen our economy, make Vermont more affordable for all Vermonters and restore faith and trust in government.”

Beyond his experience and ability to work with others to truly impact Vermonters’ lives, the Free Press also describes how Scott plans to lead in a way that will get things done as Governor.

“Scott says he will deal with state matters with a firm hand when necessary. He calls for holding the legislative session to 90 days, transitioning to a two-year budget cycle and reigning in the spending even if it means a budget veto,” wrote the Free Press, concluding “Scott is the Republican candidate with the resume that shows he is best prepared to take the reins of state government with a steady hand.”

Read the full endorsement from the Burlington Free Press HERE.

Listen, Learn, Lead: Meet Phil Scott

Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott has been a consistent voice of reason and common sense in Montpelier. As the only Republican elected to statewide office, Phil has shown determination and leadership in advocating for Vermonters and promoting policies and programs that benefit Vermont families and the economy. Read about Phil Scott’s plans at


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