Week In Action 7/29/2016

We are less than two weeks away from the August 9 Primary election day and early voting is still underway. So before we dive into this week’s actions and events, we want to first thank you for all of your hard work through the Primary. We must keep this momentum going to ensure Phil becomes the Republican nominee for Governor and we send a strong message for the General Election! Whether you vote early or get to the polls on August 9make sure you vote for Phil and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to vote too! Let’s keep going!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. A few of this week’s highlights from the state’s most energetic and hardworking campaign are below.

Building on his strong support from thousands of Vermonters and the endorsement of 54 Republican legislators, Phil earned the endorsement of the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association (VADA), and of the Manchester Journal.

VADA cited Phil’s experience and his proven ability to lead as we work to build a stronger economy, urging Vermonters to vote for Phil in the August 9 primary. Joining Phil at Goss Dodge Chrysler in South Burlington, VADA highlighted Phil’s commitment to addressing our crisis of affordability and restore faith and trust in government. Read the official press release HERE.

The Manchester Journal also voiced its support for Phil, endorsing him in the Republican Primary. “We like Mr. Scott for his focus on the economy and concern for its ‘affordability’ for the average Vermonter. Vermont’s got a lot going for it, but one thing it doesn’t have at present is an economy stuffed with good-paying jobs that makes living here an easily affordable project,” the Journal said. The paper goes on to endorse a number of Phil’s proposals. Read the official press release HERE and the full endorsement HERE.

On the heels of his VADA endorsement, Phil introduced his transportation priorities, outlining a plan for improving Vermont’s roads and bridges, and reiterating his opposition to higher transportation taxes, a carbon tax and infrastructure debtsupported by his opponents.

Transportation issues impact our entire economy, and Phil has worked to make this sector more efficient throughout his career. One of his first acts in state government was his work to reduce the Legislature’s raid on the Transportation Fund.

Highlights from Phil’s plan include:

  • Strengthening the link between economic growth and infrastructure with a comprehensive plan that streamlines processes and prioritizes maintenanceto reduce costs;
  • Opposing new or higher transportation taxes;
  • Ensuring the transportation fund is not raided and is managed properly; and
  • Encouraging innovation in transportation and other sectors by restoring the full research and development tax credit.

To read Phil Scott’s transportation plan click HERE. You can also click HERE to read more about Phil’s plan and his VADA endorsement at VT Digger.


We hope you saw our new TV ad on the airwaves this week, highlighting Phil’s priorities for Vermont. We want to make certain Phil’s approach to governing is clear, and that ALL Vermonters understand how he will lead Vermont forward! Check the new ad, “Clear Priorities,” out HERE.

We zig-zagged through Vermont this week, working to meet with as many Vermonters as we can to share Phil’s positive message before the August 9 Primary. Phil had a chance to visit the Chaput family farm in North Troy, and the Cow Palace in Derby. He met with Vermonters in Hyde Park and Joe’s Pond to learn about their economic challenges and addressed critical issues at forums in Burlington and Grafton.

View our Events page HERE for all upcoming events, and see us this weekend in Lake Bomoseen and in Barre at the Rotary BreakfastTruck Pull, at Maria’s Bagels and in the Barre Homecoming Parade.



Rep. Tom Burditt: Backing Scott for Governor
“We need someone that can do more than just “do” the job. We need Phil Scott. Join me in making Vermont a better place for hard-working Vermonters. Vote Phil Scott for governor in the Republican primary.” – Rep. Tom Burditt (Source: Rutland Herald: Full Story)

Phil: Honoring Kermit Smith
As politicians and public servants we’re trained to weather all kinds of storms, so I think a bridge is a very appropriate monument for a Vermonter who built their reputation on rising above the fray and connecting their community with the rest of the state. Kermit Smith reminds us that making an impact starts at home, in our own towns, and finding ways to reach those on the other side.” (Source: VT Digger: Full Story)

Voting for Phil Scott
“Phil Scott listens to Vermonters. He learns about our problems and wants to make Vermont more affordable for us all. He leads by example: He was on the ground during Tropical Storm Irene – literally moving dirt, helping to get emergency services to the people who needed it most and was the only advocate for folks whose mobile homes were swept away.” Colette Dublois, Manchester (Source: Manchester Journal: Full Letter)



Heidi Scheuermann in Stowe Reporter
Phil’s grateful for each and every endorsement he receives – whether a formal endorsement from an organization or colleague, or the more informal support he receives from Vermonters through Letters to the Editor, on his social media pages, or as he meets with you around the state. Rep. Heidi Scheurmann provided a very strong and thoughtful endorsement of Phil in her article in the Stowe Reporter this week, that we recommend you read HERE. She writes passionately about Phil’s steady hand, his commitment to Vermonters and to his convictions, and his ability to work across the political aisle to move the best solutions forward.

But, she also outlines what is at stake in this election, noting “At this time, all three of the Democratic candidates for governor are proposing more and higher taxes and fees to pay for large, new, expensive government initiatives.” She urges Vermonters to vote for Phil on Aug. 9 because he is the best candidate to win in November and the best candidate to run our state. Read her full article HERE.



Phil and Team Scott are working very hard to share Phil’s positive messages across the state. If you like what our campaign stands for, please consider making a donation today! As we get down to the wire we cannot take anything for granted. The punditry may give you a false sense of confidence going into the Primary, but the truth is elections can be unpredictable and we need to do everything we can in these final weeks to make absolutely certain we get out the vote, and share our message with all Vermonters so they vote for Phil on August 9. Please help Phil and the team continue to run a positive campaign, one that our children can be proud of! 




Thanks to everyone that came out to events and participated in meetings this week. Be sure to follow along with the campaign’s activities everyday – and share your thoughts – @PhilScott4VT  and https://www.facebook.com/PhilScottforVermont/.