Pro-Lisman PAC Violates State Campaign Finance Law

Ads must be taken down as PAC failed to disclose large contributor in ad disclosure

Montpelier, Vt. – Today the American Future Fund Political Action Committee, an independent expenditure-only PAC, began to air attack ads that are in violation of Vermont’s campaign finance laws, and should be taken off the air.

According to Vermont statute, “an electioneering communication paid for by or on behalf of a political committee or political party shall contain the name of any contributor who contributed more than 25 percent of all contributions and more than $2,000 since the beginning of the two-year election cycle[1]”.

The state requires this information to provide transparency around who is paying for political advertising. However, this PAC is violating the law by failing to include that information in the disclaimer of their ad, in clear violation of campaign finance law.

“We’re not surprised that Bruce Lisman would turn to his Bear Stearns cronies, Robert Steinberg and Warren Spector. Because Robert Steinberg contributed $25,000 to the American Future Fund for the latest media buy, well beyond the 25 percent threshold, his name should be included in the disclaimer. These last-minute dirty tricks are especially alarming because they were funded by out-of-state interests and show a clear link to Lisman and the Wall Street firm he helped to run that brought America’s economy to its knees,” said Brittney Wilson. “Given the deceitful tactics of the candidate this organization is tied to, it is not surprising that the organization would overlook important transparency provisions which were put in place specifically to make sure Vermonters will not be misled by big-money, out-of-state interests with a hidden agenda,” added Wilson. “The timing is especially ironic as our opponent has been trying to smear Phil’s name over issues Phil himself raised months ago.”

“The ads do not comply with Vermont laws and they must be ordered to be taken down immediately,” Wilson concluded. “They are an illegal and dishonest attempt to mislead Vermonters, and voters deserve better.”