Week In Action 8/5/2016

This is it. Next Tuesday August 9 is Primary Election Day. We need your support to get across that finish line strong to ensure Phil becomes the Republican nominee for Governor and heads into the General Election with great momentum! Mark your calendars and grab your friends and neighbors – get to the polls on August 9 to vote for Phil!

We’re closing out the primary season strong too. Here are a few of this week’s highlights from the state’s most energetic and hardworking campaign.

Phil is humbled by the support he’s received throughout the campaign – proud of each endorsement he’s earned. This week, he earned significant support from across the public and private sector.

The Vermont Sheriff’s Association
The VSA endorsed Phil for Governor, with Lamoille County Sheriff Roger Marcoux stating, “Phil has long been an advocate of fair and impartial policing and has always strongly supported the law enforcement community. Phil Scott is a thoughtful person who has already proven that he is an effective leader. The Vermont Sheriffs’ Association is proud to endorse him.” View the official press release HERE.

Lt. Gov. Candidate Randy Brock & 100+ Republican Leaders
This week Phil and Randy Brock, candidate for Lt. Governor, stood together at a press conference to voice their support for each other. Brock was the leading voice in a chorus of long-time Republican leaders and activists endorsing Phil for Governor. Brock, a former state auditor and state senator, said “I am supporting Phil Scott because I know he is a fighter for working Vermonters and will oppose all new taxes. Phil and I share the same goals for growing Vermont’s economy and making Vermont more affordable. We also know how vitally important it is to the future of our state to have more balance in Montpelier.” Read the official press release HERE, and read more from Caledonia CountyOrleans County and Rutland County Republicans.

Burlington Free Press
Vermont’s largest daily newspaper announced its support of Phil this week, asserting “Scott balances his experience in government with his first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to own and operate a small business in Vermont. Scott’s record in the Statehouse says he understands that governing is more than bold statements and flashy initiatives, and that the true service to the people often happens in little ways that make life just a little less difficult for Vermonters.” View the official press release HERE.

These endorsements come on the heels of endorsements from the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors AssociationManchester JournalStowe Reporter and Addison Independent.


Everyone in Vermont should now recognize the serious challenge we face in addressing our opiate epidemic. It isn’t just a city problem, or a young-people problem, or a low-income problem, or a Vermont problem – it’s a problem for all people, in all communities, at all income levels, all across our nation.  We must continue to prioritize prevention, treatment and enforcement, and here is an overview of Phil’s 10-point plan:

  1. Expand Community Commitment & Take Individual Responsibility
  2. Add Treatment Options & More Licensed Counselors
  3. Assign a Director of Drug Abuse Prevention Policy in the Office of the Governor
  4. Create the Governor’s Opioid Coordination Cabinet
  5. Establish Annual Statewide Summit on Drug Abuse Prevention
  6. Give Law Enforcement More Flexibility to Help Addicts to Seek Treatment
  7.  Monitor Expansion of Medically Assisted Treatment Programs
  8. Require Digital Prescriptions
  9. Support Long Term Treatment
  10. Advocate for Federal Drug Disposal Rules

Read Phil’s full plan HERE and more on the plan from the Times Argus HERE.

As the Primary race comes to a close, Team Scott is incredibly proud to represent a candidate of integrity, one that sets an example for our children, and all of Vermont. Campaigns can be tough, but even as our opponent has ratcheted up the mudslinging, firing false attack after false attack, Phil has not wavered on his commitment to run a positive, issues-focused campaign. This commitment only reinforces what we already knew about Phil – he is a man of integrity, who sticks to his convictions and always takes the high road. He will fight for Vermonters, and he will do so with integrity! These principles are reflected in two new videos we put out this week. We hope you will take a look and share with your friends, families and neighbors:
Rise Above It
Plan for VermontSeven Days’ Paul Heintz describes the clear choice voters have in a column this week, which you can read HERE.

Phil and Team Scott were in overdrive this week, with Phil participating in debates hosted by Vermont PBS and Vermont Public Radio and press conferences with the Vermont Sheriff’s Association and Randy Brock. Phil also participated in RoadPitch 2016 and made stops in Lake Bomoseen and throughout Barre.
We hope to see you at Franklin County Field Days, our Meet & Greet in Cambridge, and of course on Primary Election Day! View our Events page HERE for all upcoming events.
We wouldn’t be where we are without you, so we want to cordially invite each of you to join Phil and Team Scott at our Primary Celebration Party on Tuesday August 9. The party will take place at the Granite Museum in Barre, located at 7 Jones Brothers Way, Barre, VT, 05641 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. There will be a cash bar and hors d’oeuvres available. Please RSVP by emailing Miranda@philscott.org or calling 802-793-1921.We’re looking forward to seeing many of you there!
ICYMI: PHIL IN THE NEWSA Record of Discipline & Fiscal Responsibility
“One of Scott’s favorite achievements: getting pork out of the capital bill which funds infrastructure improvements across Vermont. He says he worked for fairness, eliminating special projects for friends of lawmakers.” (Source: WCAX: Full Interview)

Phil: The Choice is Clear
“I’m the only candidate standing in the way of the democratic party retaining the governorship.” (Source: WDEV/Open Mike: Full Interview)

Letters of Support:
Scott for Vermont’s Well Being
“As the only candidate running in the Republican primary with both statewide governing experience and solid business experience, he has proven his abilities as both a leader and governor of people, a combination of critical skills needed to restore Vermont to fiscally responsibility while continuing to support our values, our environment, our economy, education, in essence our future.” – Kate Purcell, Burlington (Source: Burlington Free Press: Full Story)

Rep. Patti Komline: Supporting Scott for Governor
“Phil gives me hope for our economic future. He has consistently spoken for constraint in state budgeting, constraint in taxation and working to grow our economy. Most Republican legislators are supporting Phil because they know he has the experience and ability to lead Vermont.” – Rep. Patti Komline, Dorset (Source: Manchester Journal: Full Story)

Rep. Oliver Olsen: I am Voting for Scott
“Considering how dysfunctional the political system is in this country, Phil Scott sets an example of how a leader can bring people together for the common good. Throughout his career, Phil has demonstrated his ability to forge consensus from competing viewpoints, which is why he has earned the trust and respect of many elected leaders from different political parties. Phil has the experience of serving in the Legislature, and as the state’s second-in-command he has the breadth of executive perspective that no other candidate has.” – Oliver Olsen, Jamaica (Source: Brattleboro Reformer: Full Story)

Scott knows our struggles
“I am voting for Phil Scott in the primary. As his friend I want everyone to know he cares about this state and the people in it. He will make changes that will help the state prosper and make it a more affordable place for the people to live.” – Deborah Armstrong, Bolton (Source: Rutland Herald: Full Story)

What Lisman Doesn’t Say
“As Vermonters head to the polls on primary day, Aug. 9, I urge all Vermonters to stand with Lt. Gov. Phil Scott. Phil Scott has integrity in his back pocket while Bruce Lisman has none.” – Thomas Joseph, Wilmington (Source: Rutland Herald: Full Story)

ICYMI: THIS WEEK’S #GOODREADSHuffington Post: 9 Ways Vermont’s Food Scene is Impossible to Beat
While Vermonters have always known that our quality food and incredibly talented chefs and entrepreneurs have made Vermont’s food scene stand out, we’re excited to see some national recognition in a recent article in the Huffington Post, which you can read HERE. We may not always agree with the Huffington Post, but we can’t argue with this one! Phil has proposed strengthening and better promoting the Vermont brand as part of his plan to grow our population, bolster our workforce and strengthen our economy (read more HERE). More strategically and aggressively marketing all of the amazing things Vermont has to offer – including our food scene – will be a focus for Phil as Governor.

What Really Matters
With all the politicking going on over the last few weeks, it can be easy to forget how policies, proposals and false accusations effect real Vermonters. To make sure we don’t overlook that impact, please take a look at this heartfelt post from one of Phil’s colleagues at his small business.

Thanks to everyone that came out to events and participated in meetings this week. Be sure to follow along with the campaign’s activities everyday – and share your thoughts – @PhilScott4VT  and https://www.facebook.com/PhilScottforVermont/.