Week In Action – 07/22/2016

As we get down to the final few weeks before the August 9 primary, Phil and Team Scott are working incredibly hard to ensure Vermonters understand what’s at stake in this election and why Phil is the right leader for Vermont. Early voting is going on now, so don’t forget to VOTE EARLY FOR PHIL! A few of this week’s highlights from the state’s most energetic and hardworking campaign are below.

Phil has spent his entire career as a public servant and small business owner connecting with people to ensure he hears all perspectives and understands an issue from the inside out. The issues can often get lost in an election – and we all know our opponent is working to distract us from those issues with misleading ads and statements. But Phil is working hard to make certain you know his plans for improving our economy, his approach to leadership and his view on critical issues in Vermont.

Please take a moment to explore, and share, Phil’s proposals on strengthening the economy, rebuilding our workforce, and getting our fiscal house in order. Don’t be fooled by an opponent who’s desperately trying to mislead voters and twist Phil’s record and positions. See for yourself:

Learn more about Phil’s PRINCIPLESPOSITIONS, and LEADERSHIP at www.philscott.org.


Late last week, the Shumlin administration announced the General Fund revenues grew by only 2.3% last fiscal year – growth that would have been essentially zero if not for $30 million in new taxes paid by Vermonters. Clearly, the state is not budgeting sustainably and as Governor, Phil will not allow this trend to continue.

As Phil said in a statement this week, “I firmly believe we cannot raise more taxes – we do not have that capacity. That’s why my administration will focus on growing the economy and I will not propose or sign a budget that grows faster than the economy or wages in the previous year.” Read the full statement HERE.

Following an Emergency Board Meeting that provided more detail on the revenue forecast, Phil again condemned the budgeting practices of the current administration. “This repeated pattern of spending more than Vermonters can afford, raising taxes and acting surprised when we are faced with shortfalls year after year is a clear sign that Vermont’s system of budgeting is broken.”

“In reality, the state’s revenue projections are hypotheticals,” he continued. “They are based on the best guess of the state’s economists. Instead of building budgets based on hypothetical, frequently inaccurate projections, we need to build state budgets off clear, verifiable economic data.” Read the full statement HERE and find more details on Phil’s budget policy and proposals HERE.


We’re taking Phil’s positive message to the airwaves, releasing the campaign’s first TV ad this week. Phil’s message highlights the values and priorities of his campaign for Governor, stressing his commitment to “make Vermont more affordable, the economy stronger and political campaigns an example for our children.”

Phil tells Vermonters, “I’m the candidate who knows what it’s like to live paycheck-to-paycheck while raising a family and working hard to grow a business and create jobs — right here in Vermont.”

View the official press release and full advertisement HERE. As Phil says in the video – if you want to do things the “Vermont Way,” join us. Find out how to get involved HERE.



Team Scott had another busy week, connecting with Vermonters to discuss how Phil can help make Vermont more affordable and run his campaign the Vermont Way. See a few fun photos from this week’s events below, including St. Albans’ Kingman Street Klassic, Lyndonville’s Stars & Stripes Parade, the Essex Junction Block Party, Lamoille County Field Days, and the VCRD/VPT gubernatorial forum.


Missed Team Scott this week? We hope to see you next week at events, including the Burlington Rotary Club Q&A and for a Meet and Greet on Lake Bomoseen. View our Events page HERE for all upcoming events.
ICYMI: PHIL IN THE NEWSPhil: It’s Time for Truth in Budgeting
“This repeated pattern of spending more than Vermonters can afford, raising taxes and acting surprised when we are faced with shortfalls year after year is a clear sign that Vermont’s system of budgeting is broken.” (Source: Times Argus: Full Story)

Scott Fiscally Responsible
I’m voting for Phil Scott. He’s got the experience in government and pragmatic experience of a business owner who knows how these expensive experiments are costing Vermonters.” Lea Hatch, Northfield (Source: Times Argus: Full Letter)

Scott Good for Bennington County and Vermont
“Scott wants to get Vermont back on track and growing again. He is ready to tackle affordability issues around housing, education and the cost of living. A veteran Legislator known for his decency, fairness and consensus building skills, he creates common ground in the Statehouse to get things done. A small business owner, he understands firsthand that sector’s pressures.” Liz Ruffa, East Dorset (Source: Manchester Journal: Full Letter)

ICYMI: THIS WEEK’S #GOODREADSBurlington Free Press: Vermont aging faster than the rest of the U.S.
Burlington Free Press Columnist and UVM Associate Professor of Economics Art Woolf analyzed new data this week indicating that Vermont’s population is aging more quickly than the rest of the U.S. Woolf noted that Vermont’s median age is now 42.8 – rising by 10 years since 1990, while the national median has risen only five years during that same time. Read the full article HERE.

Phil has made it clear that solving our demographic challenges is critical to growing our economy. That’s why his plan to grow the economy focuses on rebuilding the working-age population so we can grow our workforce and reduce our individual tax burden. Read that plan HERE.

WCAX: Vt. Kids learn police tactics from the pros
Phil often talks about a civic duty and our shared responsibility to give back to society in whatever way speaks to us most – whether that’s through public service, military service, law enforcement or emergency response, community building, volunteering, etc. Educating our kids on the opportunities for fulfilling that civic duty is more important than ever. WCAX highlighted a unique program from the Northfield Police Department – a great example of how we can engage our youth and give them a sense of service. Read the full article HERE and watch Phil discuss civic duty HERE.


Phil and Team Scott are working very hard to share Phil’s positive messages across the state. If you like what our campaign stands for, please consider making a donation today! Just last week it was reported that our Primary opponent is well on his way to spending $2,000,000 dollars – of his own money – and he’s using that money on misleading, dishonest, negative ads. Please help Phil and the team run a positive campaign, one that our children can be proud of! 


Thanks to everyone that came out to events and participated in meetings this week. Be sure to follow along with the campaign’s activities everyday – and share your thoughts – @PhilScott4VT  and https://www.facebook.com/PhilScottforVermont/.