Manchester Journal Endorses Phil Scott for Governor

Manchester, Vt. — Today, the Manchester Journal endorsed Phil Scott in the Republican primary.

“We like Mr. Scott for his focus on the economy and concern for its ‘affordability’ for the average Vermonter. Vermont’s got a lot going for it, but one thing it doesn’t have at present is an economy stuffed with good-paying jobs that makes living here an easily affordable project,” the Journal said.

“The outflow of younger citizens who can’t find jobs to match their skills and talents is a troubling indicator of that, although as a small rural state, Vermont is hardly alone in grappling with this phenomenon. We like his idea for setting a goal of boosting the state’s population to 700,000 in the not-distant future…,” they continued. “If that could occur, no small number of problems would be minimized. Additionally, we’re always drawn to candidates to strike a pose of being willing to work across the aisles… our take on Mr. Scott is that he has the temperament and the willingness to consult widely and work towards solutions outside the ideological hothouse that too often stymies such efforts in Washington, D.C.”

“I want to thank the Manchester Journal for recognizing that our focus on growing the economy and making Vermont more affordable is essential to being able to invest in our future,” Scott said. “Their view helps to verify that the crisis of affordability in Vermont is real and I’m grateful they have faith in my plan to address it. By moving to a two-year budget cycle, modernizing state government, setting clear limits on budget growth, and building consensus in Montpelier, we will make growing the economy and making Vermont affordable the top priorities.”

Read the full endorsement HERE.

Listen, Learn, Lead: Meet Phil Scott

Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott has been a consistent voice of reason and common sense in Montpelier. As the only Republican elected to statewide office, Phil has shown determination and leadership in advocating for Vermonters and promoting policies and programs that benefit Vermont families and the economy. Read about Phil Scott’s plans at


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