Regional Leadership Teams Of Progressives, Democrats & Independents Building Support For Phil Scott As Election Nears

Current and Former Legislators, Mayors, Community Leaders and Activists Urging Other Democrats, Progressives and Independents to Support Phil Scott for Governor

Middlesex, Vt.— Phil Scott, candidate for Governor, today highlighted the regional leadership teams of Progressive, Democrat and Independent leaders who are urging voters to join the commonsense, bipartisan coalition supporting Scott for Governor.

Hundreds of Democrats, Progressives and Independents from all corners of Vermont are joining Senator Mazza (D-Grand Isle), Senator Starr (D-Essex/Orleans) and Senator Rodgers (D-Essex/Orleans) and the former president of the Vermont State Employees Association (and Progressive candidate for Attorney General), among many other regional leaders and activists, in supporting Phil Scott for Governor.

Honest Leadership that Listens
“A good leader needs to listen to all Vermonters, even those with whom they may not agree with on every issue. Constituents come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of opinions about all sorts of issues. But when it comes to industrial wind, and the rights of communities, Sue Minter simply refuses to engage with those of us who are concerned about the economic and environmental consequences of allowing out of state, multi-national corporations to industrialize our mountaintops at our communities’ expense,” said Lydia Pope France (D) of Windham.  “In my opinion, and in the view of many Democrats and Progressives in our region, Phil Scott is the only candidate in this race who shares are concerns on this issue, who believes in local control and who is willing to listen to, and learn from, all Vermonters. That is why so many Democrats and Progressives in our area are supporting Phil.”

Centrist, Pro-Choice Leader
“Phil Scott is a centrist, pro-choice Vermonter with the right combination of business experience and public service to be our next Governor.  The trademark of Phil’s career as a public servant is reaching across the aisle to get things done for Vermonters. He has always put partisan politics aside and focused on making progress. Rather than get credit, Phil Scott wants to get things done,” said Senator Mazza (D-Colchester, Grand Isle).

Working for Vermont’s Families & Environment
“Throughout his entire political career, Phil Scott has supported local communities and worked to help families get ahead. As Governor, he’ll be a champion for Vermont’s mountaintops and the rural residents being impacted by industrial wind.  Phil respects local control and will focus on making Vermont more affordable for working families. I believe Phil Scott is the best choice in this election,” added VSEA Past President Ed Stanak and retired Act 250 Coordinator.

Understands Growing the Economy
“Phil understands that growing the economy and reversing the crisis of affordability need to be the top priorities of our next Governor. He knows the best way to get this done is to work together, and Phil’s a moderate who can restore the faith and trust needed to do that,” added Rep. Jim Condon (D-Colchester).

Commonsense, Bipartisan Approach
“Phil Scott will be a Governor for all Vermonters–Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, and Independents. His common-sense leadership and bipartisan approach will bring Vermonters together and lead us to the path of economic prosperity,” said Fmr. Senator Bob Hartwell (D-Bennington).

“I’m so honored to have the support of so many Democrats, Progressives and Independents throughout Vermont, and want to thank these community leaders for helping us spread our pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-affordability agenda all across Vermont” said Scott. “All Vermonters can be confident that, as Governor, I will always listen, make growing the economy the top priority, work tirelessly to make Vermont more affordable and reduce the barriers to job creation so we can afford to make important investments in our kids, our communities and our future.

These endorsements demonstrate the strong bipartisan support Scott has received throughout his political career and since announcing his candidacy, as well as the respect he’s earned throughout his career as a small-business owner and public servant.  The regional leaders have each been encouraging other Democrats, Progressives and Independents to support Phil Scott.  Hundreds of Vermonters have already joined Democrats and Independents for Scott.  To join Democrats, Progressives and Independents for Scott, clickHERE.

Northwest Leadership Team:

  • Senator Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle)
  • Rep. Jim Condon (D-Colchester)
  • Councilman Dave Hartness (D-Burlington)
  • Fmr. Winooski Mayor Bill Norful
  • Fmr. Commissioner Frank Cioffi, St. Albans
  • Fmr. Rep. Jim Fitzgerald (D-St. Albans)
  • Fmr. Rep. Dick Allard (D-St. Albans)
  • Fmr. Mayor Marty Manahan, St. Albans
  • Fmr. City Alderman Joe Luneau, St. Albans
  • Melissa Paquette, Essex Junction
  • Lynn Mazza, Colchester
  • MacKenzie Mazza, Essex Junction
  • Tim Meehan, North Hero
  • Bruce and Sally Collopy, Fairfield
  • Suzanne Seymour, Fairfield
  • Dianne Bell, Fairfield
  • Patricia P. Rainville, Swanton
  • John A. Smith, Swanton

Northeast Leadership Team:

  • Senator Bobby Starr (D-Essex/Orleans)
  • Senator John Rogers (D-Essex/Orleans)
  • Fmr. Vermont Attorney General M. Jerome Diamond, (D-Newport)
  • Peggy Sapphire of Craftsbury. Fmr. Secretary of the Vermont Progressive Party  Steering Committee, Fmr. Chair of the Craftsbury Progressive Committee, Fmr. Chair of the Orleans County Progressive Committee, and Fmr. Chair of the Vermont Progressive Party Platform Committee.
  • Keith Ballek, Delegate to the Vermont Democratic Committee and Sheffield Democratic Committee Chair
  • Noreen Hession of Newark, member of the Caledonia-Essex County Progressive Committee and Acting Chair of the Vermont Progressive Party Natural Resources and Energy Committee.
  • Fmr. Commissioner State Environmental Board member Steve E. Wright, Craftsbury
  • Fmr. Commissioner John Zampieri, South Ryegate
  • Cathy Hardman, St. Johnsbury
  • Robert Pforzheimer, Sutton
  • Robert Feinberg, Craftsbury
  • June P. Cook, Craftsbury
  • Phil Lovely, Craftsbury
  • Robbin Clark, Lowell
  • Suzanna Jones, Walden
  • Steven Gorelick, Walden
  • Karen Jenne, Derby
  • Vicki Farrand-Lewis, Derby
  • Greg Bryant, Barton
  • Beth Torpey, Morgan
  • Chuck Nichols, Morgan
  • Charles and Ellen Woods, Morgan
  • Rhonda & Matthew Shippee, Morgan
  • Bethany Knight, Glover
  • Valarie Desmarais Burke

Central Leadership Team:

  • Ed Stanak of Barre, Fmr. VSEA President, Fmr. Act 250 Coordinator, Current Chair of Barre Progressive Committee, and Fmr. Progressive candidate for Attorney General.
  • Washington County State’s Attorney Scott Williams (D-Washington County)
  • Rep. Alyson Eastman (I-Orwell)
  • Norman James of Montpelier, Fmr. Special Assistant to Fmr. Governor Tom Salmon (D).
  • Fmr. Secretary of Commerce and Community Development Frank McDougall
  • Deb McDougall, Hartford
  • Harrison and Valerie Snapp, Waitsfield
  • Randall Koch, Calais
  • Stephanie J. Kaplan, Calais
  • John Brabant, Calais
  • Deborah E. Blair, Eden
  • Jim Blair, Eden
  • Heidi Spear, Fayston
  • Seth Henry, Fayston
  • Amy Gibbs, Waterbury

Southern Leadership Team:

  • Fmr. Senator Bob Hartwell (D-Bennington District)
  • Rep. Oliver Olsen (I-Londonderry)
  • Fmr Rep. Dick Pembroke (D-Bennington)
  • Mary Pembroke, Bennington
  • Annette Smith, Danby
  • Nancy Tips, Windham
  • Frank Seawright, Windham
  • Lydia Pope France, Windham
  • Michael Paul France, Windham
  • Meg Streeter, Wilmington
  • Sandy and James Wilbur, Londonderry