Phil Scott Releases First Campaign Radio Ad

Phil Scott is releasing his first radio spot today in which he broadcasts to voters his plan to make Vermont a more affordable place to live, work and raise a family.

Phil explained he is running for Governor because he’s heard from Vermonters that the state “cannot tax people any more [because] there isn’t that capacity.” After footing the bill for more than $700 million dollars in new taxes and fees over the last six years, Phil says Vermonters are tapped out.

Phil elaborated that his platform to make Vermont more affordable is informed by “listening to people [and] listening to their concerns.” It is through this approach that Phil plans to rebuild Vermonters’ faith and trust in their state government.

Three-term Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott is a long-time public servant and leader, beginning when he was first elected to the Vermont Senate in 2000. As the only Republican elected to statewide office, Phil has proven his commitment, determination and leadership in advocating for Vermonters and promoting policies and programs which benefit Vermont families and our economy.

To hear the ad, please click here.

Full text of Phil Scott’s first radio ad:

“I’ve always had a deep appreciation for living in Vermont. Being a Vermonter means that you’re fiercely independent, self-reliant, frugal, we make the most out of everything we have, we’re resourceful but compassionate of those that need our help.

Trust and integrity are very important. Vermonters are yearning for that again. They want to trust their government. We have a responsibility. Listening to people, listening to their concerns is half the battle because their frustration arises when they don’t think anyone hears them.

I firmly believe that we can’t tax people any more, there isn’t that capacity, so we have to grow the economy. We have to build that revenue in order to ensure prosperity for Vermonters.”

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