Another Example of the Need for Balance & the Clear Choice in November

For Immediate Release:
Thursday, March 17, 2016

Contact: Brittney Wilson

Another Example of the Need for Balance & the Clear Choice in November

Dunne & Minter Support New Sales Taxes on Services

Middlesex, Vt. — Phil Scott for Vermont campaign coordinator Brittney Wilson issued the following statement on Sue Minter’s and Matt Dunne’s support for extending new sales taxes to services:

A recent exchange between Sue Minter and Matt Dunne is another reminder of the very clear choice Vermonters will have in November.

On one hand, Phil’s opponents want to raise sales taxes by extending them to services you pay for. They call that “reform.” On the other, they lament the economic anxiety the high taxes and unsustainable spending policies they support have helped to create.

According to VTDigger, Sue Minter and Matt Dunne “…called for a complete reform of the tax code. ‘This tax code was built 50 years ago, when it was an economy of durable goods,’ Minter said. ‘So we have sales tax on goods and not on services.’ … The two also described their travels across the state, and both said economic anxiety was emanating from nearly every city and town.” (Source:, March 14th, 2016)

You read that right. The Minter-Dunne solution to economic anxiety is to make the costs of services even higher! If that sounds familiar it’s because we’ve heard it consistently for the last 6 fiscal years, while their political machine has had complete control of state government. Over that time we’ve lost thousands of workers and they’ve created raised more than $300 million in new taxes. And they’re looking at another $40 million or more in new taxes this year!

They just don’t get it — and they clearly do not believe the crisis of affordability is real.

Continuing to raise new taxes on a shrinking tax base (there are fewer working age Vermonters in our workforce everyday) and supporting unsustainable spending is not a solution — it’s a problem that Phil will solve when he’s Governor.

Phil’s ideas for leading Vermont forward will restore our fiscal fundamentals, address the state’s growing crisis of affordability and get our economy revving again so we can invest in our future. Learn more about Phil’s Vermont values and clear priorities at