Former Planned Parenthood Board Member & Volunteer Of The Year Rejects PAC’s ‘Distortions And Lies’

Long-time Planned Parenthood leader outraged by smear campaign from the organization’s PAC

Middlesex, Vt., October 27, 2016 – A former Planned Parenthood board member and volunteer of the year is condemning the “distortions and lies” the organization’s Political Action Committee is spreading about Phil Scott’s record. Scott has consistently been pro-choice, defended a woman’s right to choose and supported Planned Parenthood, and has repeatedly said he would continue to do so as Governor.

In a new 60-second video released today, Morgan, Vermont resident Candy Moot expresses outrage over recent attack ads deceiving Vermonters on Phil Scott’s long-standing pro-choice position and his support of the Planned Parenthood organization itself.

Moot explains that while she’s been involved with Planned Parenthood for forty years – serving on its Board of Directors, earning a Volunteer of the Year award and working on the Equal Rights Amendment campaign – she’s “outraged and sickened that Planned Parenthood has distorted the position Phil Scott takes today and has always taken.”

“Phil Scott is pro-choice and has always been pro-choice,” she says. “That’s why I am particularly disappointed to see these distortions and lies. Because that’s what they are,” Moot added.

“Vermonters know Phil, and we’re hearing from many supporters who are as outraged as Candy about the dishonest ads that are meant to deceive and divide us,” said Brittney Wilson, spokeswoman for the Phil Scott campaign. “We’re disappointed in the ads and that Phil’s opponent has refused to disavow the deceitful smear tactics. We’re grateful Vermonters are stepping up and demonstrating that we all see through these tactics. Even though these dishonest attacks are deeply disappointing to all of us, Phil has said he’ll always be a strong supporter of the non-political, non-partisan work of Planned Parenthood in providing important women’s health services.”

In the video Moot, the long time Planned Parenthood advocate concludes, “Planned Parenthood needs to be ashamed of themselves for the ads its PAC has been running.”

Watch the full ad here: