DESPERATION ALERT! – Minter Polling Again Telegraphs More Dishonest Attacks

Last night, after Phil’s decisive victory in the final televised debate, we started getting calls from Democratic supporters from throughout Vermont reporting a “survey” that was testing a range of dishonest statements and outright lies about Phil Scott, his positions, his plans and his record.

Minter and her team are desperate to distract from the fact that she has no comprehensive plans to strengthen the economy and make Vermont affordable (see Phil’s plan at and that Democrats all around the state are enthusiastically supporting Phil’s positive vision for Vermont.  They also want to persuade people to ignore Minter’s support for new sales taxes, a new “cap and trade” fee on gasoline and diesel, a regional carbon tax on home heating and transportation fuel (she has also refused to say she’d veto a Vermont-only carbon tax), and fees on your checking account and ATM transactions.

So, as Election Day draws near — and Minter’s team gets more desperate — it’s important for the people of Vermont, and the press, to be aware of the dishonest statements Minter will be putting in mail, internet, television and radio advertisements as the election nears.  Vermonters know Phil; they know not to believe the negative ads; and they know that Phil Scott is the only candidate focused on growing the economy, making Vermont more affordable and restoring balance in Montpelier.

To ensure you know the truth, we’ve refuted Minter’s most egregious mistruths here:

A Woman’s Right to Choose Sue Minter’s surrogates are telling a profoundly dishonest lie about a very important issue. Phil is unabashedly pro-choice, supports a woman’s right to choose and defended Planned Parenthood’s funding when national Republicans tried to defund the organization. Phil’s also raised two strong, independent daughters and believes strongly in a women’s right to choose.  Phil Scott is more more pro-choice than the Democratic nominee for Vice President, Sen. Tim Kaine.  
Phil Scott vs. Donald Trump  This one takes the cake.  A year ago, Phil Scott was one of the very first elected officials — in any party — to say that he could not and would not support Donald Trump.   Phil’s consistency — and willingness to put principles over politics — stands in stark contrast to Sue Minter who first supported Hillary Clinton over Vermont’s own Bernie Sanders.
Higher Education & Family Leave Phil is the only candidate telling the truth about Sue’s plans for “free” college and “free” paid family leave. And the truth is, Sue Minter will make you pay by increasing your bank fees and your payroll taxes and the head of the Vermont Bankers Association confirmed it will be a job killer.  Phil is the only candidate who knows we can’t make the economy stronger and Vermont more affordable by increasing the costs of living and doing business here.  And Vermonters know that when they hear a plan like Sue’s that sounds too good to be true, it undoubtedly is — and that Sue Minter’s promises are the promises the current Governor made and was unable to keep.
Climate Change  Phil believes the science: climate change is real and man-made. That’s why Phil is committed to achieving energy efficiency through solar and hydro with community input, rather than destroying our ridgelines with industrial wind turbines that are forced on communities that do not want them.  Sue Minter will let her industrial wind donors continue to run roughshod over Vermont’s rural communities. 
Phil’s Family Business Ok, let’s go over this one, again…

1) Phil has already said he will sell his company when he’s elected.

2) Sue Minter herself signed a number of these low-bid contracts.

3) Both the former Secretary of Transportation (Minter’s former boss) and the current Commissioner of Buildings and General Services have verified that no one can influence the contract process.

4) The state contract is open and fully transparent — a fact that multiple public records requests have verified.

5) Sue Minter’s party has controlled the Legislature for more than a decade, they could easily have passed an ethics bill — a proposal Phil Scott supports!

5)  And again, Phil will sell his company if elected Governor.

The very fact that Sue Minter would attack a family business with decades of integrity says all voters need to know about her opinion of small businesses in Vermont.