Week in Action 8/26/2016

This week Vermonters saw the clear choice they have in the general election for Governor and the stark contrast between candidates. Team Scott is working hard to ensure Vermonters know what’s at stake in November. Here are a few of this week’s highlights from the state’s most energetic and hardworking campaign.

This week Phil and his opponent participated in the first debate of the general election, and Phil demonstrated why he is the only choice for Vermont’s next Governor. Hosted by Vermont’s National Education Association, Phil made clear that improving the economy is essential to solving the challenges of our education system and providing quality education for our youth.

What was clear from this debate is that Phil is the only candidate who will make improving the economy the top priority, who has a plan for fiscally responsible budgeting, and who will not raise your taxes! Phil understands the demographic challenges we face that are not only effecting our workforce, but our schools as well. That’s why he supports school choice, will work to align spending with our actual needs, and measure success based on specific outcomes. As Phil told the audience at Chandler Music Hall, he will not overpromise and he will not let you down. Read more about the debate from Seven Days and VT Digger, and keep up-to-date on Phil’s plans as Governor HERE.


Phil sat down with the Stowe Reporter this week and shared his plans as Governor. The Reporter highlights where Phil will focus to get our economy moving:

Boosting Vermont’s economy? Priority.
Bringing people to Vermont and keeping them there? Priority.
Resolving (read: killing) the Vermont Health Connect debacle? Priority.
Going over the state’s budgets with a fine-tooth comb, looking for efficiencies? Big priority.
Other priorities…early childhood education and helping young Vermonters gain the financial footing to stay here and raise their families.”

We think this approach is spot on, and we need a Governor who knows: “Nothing is more important than making the economy Montpelier’s priority,” as Phil told the Reporter. Phil also shared how he’ll address our shrinking workforce, work tirelessly to make state government more efficient and less costly, and reduce the cost of living for all Vermonters.

Make sure you are well-informed on what Phil will do for you as Governor by reading the wide-ranging interview HERE.


ICYMI, be sure to check out Phil’s op-ed in the Times Argus, which gives an in-depth look at his vision for Vermont, his core principles and his plans to lead Vermont toward a more prosperous future. As Phil writes, the real issues in this campaign are that “state spending and the costs of living are growing too quickly, and our economy is growing too slowly.”

In the article, Phil outlines his approach for ending our unsustainable spending and concludes “making Vermont more affordable, growing the economy and keeping and creating jobs must be the top priorities of our next governor. A healthier economy — energized by a stable cost of living, a declining tax burden and a steady hand at the helm of state government — is the best way to invest in our future.” Read the full article HERE.


Team Scott kept its momentum going this week, hitting the fairgrounds at the Orleans County Fair and Vermont State Fair, enjoying BBQ in Windsor County and Castleton, meeting and greeting with Vermonters in Morrisville and Burlington’s Breakwaters, and stopping by the Welch Barn and Parro’s Gun Shop. We had an amazing week discussing the economic challenges and hopes of Vermonters, and seeing some of the great cultural and business treasures our state has to offer.


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For the sake of our environment and our economy, vote Phil Scott
“With the wiser policies advocated by Phil Scott we can reduce our carbon footprint, protect our landscape and reduce our energy costs.” – Dave Kelley, Greensboro (Source: Caledonian Record: Full Letter)

Phil will bring voters across party lines
Lawmakers aren’t the only ones willing to cross party lines and vote for the Republican candidate for governor this year. Some voters say they like Scott because he has experience running a successful construction business.” (Source: Vermont Watchdog: Full Story)

Phil: Fighting for Affordability 
“I go back to looking at things very simply: Does this raise taxes? Does this raise the burden on Vermonters? And if so, I think we should put it aside.” (Source: Vermont Public Radio: Full Story)



Peter Miller in VT Digger: I Am Vermont Broke
In a brave and honest commentary this week, 82-year-old photographer and author Peter Miller declared “I am Vermont broke.” Peter, who contributed a similarly insightful article earlier this year where he interviewed fellow self-employed Vermonters “who do not have enough income to survive in the new Vermont of high taxes and fees,” dedicated his latest article to his own struggles. The challenges Peter faces are the same challenges so many Vermonters we are facing. Peter details his financial hardships despite always working hard and living within his means, while his state government has failed him by not doing the same. We want you to know we hear you Peter. Phil hears you. Thank you for sharing your story. Please read Peter’s full article HERE.


Thanks to everyone that came out to events this week. Be sure to follow along with the campaign’s activities everyday – and share your thoughts – @PhilScott4VT and https://www.facebook.com/PhilScottforVermont/.