Phil Scott’s Weekly Campaign Update 10-28-2016

With less than two weeks until Election Day, Team Scott is working hard to get out the vote, and make certain our strong grass roots support all across Vermont translates to a strong victory for Phil Scott on November 8. We know the economy and affordability must be the top priorities in Montpelier, and when we elect Phil Scott, they will be. Together, we know we can cross that finish line and send a clear message on the issues that matter to Vermonters! Check out this week’s highlights from the state’s most energetic and hardworking campaign.

Early voting is open now and many predict we’ll have a record number of Vermonters choosing to vote early this year. Our early voting system means there is no reason to wait until election day to vote for Phil. Click HERE to find your town clerk’s location or to request an absentee ballot, and get those votes in for Phil now. Then grab your friends, family and neighbors to do the same. We’re closing in on Election Day and we want to ensure everyone that supports Phil gets to the voting booth! We can’t let up now!

Voted early for Phil? Share your support with us on Twitter and Facebook: @PhilScott4VT and


Phil’s comprehensive blueprint for economic growth, which you can view HERE, focuses on getting the state’s fiscal house in order, modernizing government and increasing efficiency, and setting clear budget goals and parameters. But, it also includes numerous ideas, proposals and initiatives that will make strategic, pro-growth investments to help make Vermont more affordable and retain and attract more working-age Vermonters and families. One such strategy is to focus on affordable housing for all income levels. Expanding our efforts beyond the important support we already provide low-income families is a particularly important strategy for retaining and attracting young working families. We need to make housing affordable for those who make just a little too much to qualify for state assistance, and for middle-income families who struggle to find an affordable home that meets their needs.
To expand housing so that affordable options are available for more working families and young professionals, Phil’s proposes we set aggressive goals for the construction and redevelopment of middle-income housing options; create a neighborhood designation for workforce housing that allows for funding, prioritization and building; and encourage redevelopment of existing housing through tax credits for small investors. Read more about these proposals HERE (beginning on page 23).



The editorial boards of the St. Albans Messenger and the Caledonian Record have both endorsed Phil Scott for Governor.

The Messenger cites Phil’s intuitive knowledge of Vermont’s economic challenges, and the solutions he’s put forward to overcome them in its endorsement. You can read the full endorsement HERE, but here are a few highlights:

“…Mr. Scott’s strength is that he intuitively understands Vermont is over-burdened at many levels, and that we need some time to do well what we have already been tasked to do…”

“…We are at the cusp of a new debate on how the state deals with child care and how it intersects with the state’s need for economic development. This is a critical issue that fits hand in glove with Mr. Scott’s push for a broad economic development platform. We need to be focused on tomorrow’s workforce needs…”

“Mr. Scott’s business background versus Ms. Minter’s 24-year career in state government is also appealing. He knows about limits. And he knows the value of limits and how they can force conversations in nonlinear ways. Getting from here to there isn’t always about spending more, it’s about doing things differently, something you learn running a construction business that ebbs and flows with the economic times.”

The Record’s endorsement asserts, “Phil Scott is his own man. He clearly sees that Vermont has to move in a different direction, and he has the experience and grit to take us there.” Read the entire endorsement HERE, and see more highlights below.

“Scott says his top priorities are economic growth, jobs, fiscal conservatism, and making Vermont affordable for ordinary families. He has promised to restrain state spending to the rate of inflation, abandon Gov. Shumlin’s failed health insurance exchange, defend and promote parental choice in education, and do battle against the tax raising urges of a (likely) Democratic legislature.”

“Phil Scott describes himself, accurately we believe, as a ‘moderate, frugal, common sense Vermonter.’ He has been a medium-sized businessman and understands the challenge of meeting a payroll. He almost always leans against costly new spending programs and the new taxes needed to pay for them. Above all, Scott clearly sees the need to stop making Vermonters into laboratory rats for every new liberal experiment in bigger, more costly government.”

Last week we introduced a new ad showing a handful of the many Vermont Democrats who plan to vote for Phil for Governor, including Sen. Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle). That support has continued to grow as Vermonters learn more about Phil’s commitment to making Vermont more affordable, and his plans to end our unsustainable budget practices and grow our economy.In a new web video, Shelby, a teacher from Northfield, shares more on why she, a Democrat, is voting for Phil. “I know we can trust Phil Scott on the issues that mean the most to our familyHe has a plan to strengthen the economy, create good jobs and grow the middle class,” she says, describing why she’ll vote for Phil. View the full video HERE. Adding to that public support, Michael Crane of Burlington wrote in the Burlington Free Press, “I am a Democrat voting for Phil Scott this year and I encourage my friends to do the same.” Read his Letter to the Editor HERE.