Leadership that Listens – Fixing Vermont’s Broken Health Insurance Exchange

For more than two years, Phil Scott has been calling for REAL solution to Vermont’s failed healthcare exchange.

Elect Phil Scott and Vermont will transition to a better, less costly model that provides Vermonters more affordable health insurance choices.

But, as Phil says, “this is not something that needs to wait. It should happen this year, in this legislative session.”

Working alongside other leaders in the House and Senate, Phil has put pressure on the Shumlin administration to do the right thing. Just a few weeks ago, he led a coalition of lawmakers working to make it more difficult for the Shumlin administration to mislead Vermonters about the chronic and systemic problems with the exchange. Together, lawmakers called for an independent assessment of the exchange.

Still — after years of delays, misleading statements and total mismanagement — the Shumlin administration has refused to acknowledge that Vermonters need a solution that works. Make no mistake: If the current administration continues to stubbornly refuse to do the right thing, Phil Scott will solve the problem when he’s elected Governor by transitioning to the federal exchange or a multi-state alternative that offers better, more affordable choices.