2022 Vermont Polling Places

If you have not already voted, you can find your Election Day polling place below.

If you’ve sent your ballot in by mail, you can check to make sure it was received by signing into your ‘My Voter Page’ by clicking here.

Source: Vermont Secretary of State Website as of August 1, 2022. All Vermont polling locations close at 7:00 P.M.

Town Polls Open Primary Election Polling Place Street Address
Addison 7:00 AM Addison Town Clerk’s Office 65 VT Route 17 West, Addison
Albany 9:00 AM Albany own Clerks Office 827 Main Street, Albany
Alburgh 7:00 AM Alburgh Municipal Building 1 North Main St. Alburgh
Andover 8:00 AM Andover Town Hall 59 Town Hall Road, Andover
Arlington 10:00 AM Arlington Memorial High School 541 E. Arlington Rd, Arlington
Athens 10:00 AM Athens Town Office 25 BROOKLINE RD
Bakersfield 10:00 AM  Bakersfield Town Hall 40 East Bakersfield Road, Bakersfield
Baltimore 10:00 AM Baltimore Town Office 1902 Baltimmore Rd., Baltimore
Barnard 10:00 AM Barnard Town Hall 115 North Road, Barnard
Barnet 7:00 AM Fire & Rescue Station 151 Bimson Drive, Barnet
Barre City 7:00 AM Barre Civic Center BOR Rink Fieldhouse 30 Auditorium Hill, Barre City
Barre Town 7:00 AM Barre Town Middle & Elementary School Gymnasium 70 Websterville Road, Barre Town
Barton 10:00 AM Lake Region Union High School 317 Lake Region Rd Orleans, VT 05860
Belvidere 10:00 AM Belvidere Town Clerk 3996 VT Route 109, Belvidere Center
Bennington 7:00 AM Bennington Fire House 130 River Street, Bennington
Bennington 7:00 AM North Bennington Trustees’ Office 2 Depot St. North Bennington
Benson 10:00 AM Benson Community Hall 2724 Stage Road, Benson
Berkshire 10:00 AM Berkshire Town Clerk’s Office 4454 Water Tower Road, Berkshire
Berlin 8:00 AM Berlin Municipal Office Building 108 Shed Road, Berlin
Bethel 8:00 AM White River Valley School-Bethel Campus-Lobby 273 Pleasant Street, Bethel
Bloomfield 10:00 AM Bloomfield Town Hall 27 Schoolhouse Road, Bloomfield
Bolton 7:00 AM Smilie Memorial Elementary School 2712 Theodore Roosevelt Highway, Bolton
Bradford 10:00 AM Bradford Academy Building 172 North Main Street, Bradford
Braintree 9:00 AM Braintree Town Hall 5379 VT-12A, Braintree
Brandon 7:00 AM Brandon American Legion Post 55 550 Franklin Street, Brandon
Brattleboro 7:00 AM American Legion 32 Linden Street, Brattleboro
Bridgewater 8:00 AM Bridgewater Town Office 45 Southgate Loop, Bridgewater
Bridport 7:00 AM Bridport Masonic/Community Hall 52 Crown Point Road, Bridport
Brighton 9:00 AM Town Hall Gym 49 Mill Street Ext., Brighton
Bristol 7:00 AM Holley Hall 1 South Street, Bristol
Brookfield 9:00 AM Brookfield Elementary School 1728 Ridge Road, Brookfield
Brookline 9:00 AM Brookline Town Offices 734 Grassy Brook Road, Brookline
Brownington 10:00 AM Brownington Town Office 622 Schoolhouse Road, Orleans
Brunswick 10:00 AM Community Office Building 994 VT-102, Brunswick
Burke 8:00 AM Burke Community Building 212 School Street, West Burke
Burlington Ward 1 7:00 AM Mater Christi School 100 Mansfield Ave., Burlington
Burlington Ward 2 7:00 AM HO Wheeler School 6 Archibald Street, Burlington
Burlington Ward 3 7:00 AM Lawrence Barnes School 123 North Street, Burlington
Burlington Ward 4 7:00 AM St. Marks Youth Center 1271 North Avenue, Burlington
Burlington Ward 5 7:00 AM Burlington Electric Department 585 Pine Street, Burlington
Burlington Ward 6 7:00 AM Edmunds Middle School 275 Main Street, Burlington
Burlington Ward 7 7:00 AM Robert Miller Community Center 130 Gosse Street, Burlington
Burlington Ward 8 7:00 AM Fletcher Free Library 235 College Street, Burlington
Cabot 7:00 AM Town Hall (Wiley Building) 3084 Main Street, Cabot
Calais 7:00 AM Calais Elementary School 321 Lightening Ridge Rd, Calais
Cambridge 7:00 AM Cambridge Elementary School Gymnasium 186 School Road, Cambridge
Canaan 8:00 AM Canaan Town Office 318 Christian Hill, Canaan
Castleton 8:00 AM Castleton Fire Station 273 Route 30 North, Castleton
Cavendish 10:00 AM Proctorsville Fire Department 513 Main Street, Proctorsville
Charleston 10:00 AM Charleston Town Clerk’s Office 5063 VT Route 105, W. Charleston
Charlotte 7:00 AM Charlotte Town Hall 159 Ferry Road, Charlotte
Chelsea 9:00 AM Chelsea Town Hall 296 VT-110, Chelsea
Chester 9:00 AM Chester Town Hall, Second Floor 556 Elm Street, Chester
Chittenden 10:00 AM Chittenden Town Office 260 Chittenden Road, Chittenden
Clarendon 10:00 AM Clarendon Town Hall 279 Middle Road, North Clarendon
Colchester 7:00 AM Colchester High School Gymnasium 131 Laker Lane, Colchester
Concord 10:00 AM Concord Town Hall 456 Main Street, Concord
Corinth 8:00 AM Corinth Town Hall 1387 Cookeville Road, Corinth
Cornwall 7:00 AM Cornwall Town Hall 2629 Route 30, Cornwall
Coventry 10:00 AM Coventry Community Center 168 Main Street, Coventry
Craftsbury 9:00 AM Craftsbury Town Hall 85 South Craftsbury Road, Craftsbury
Danby 7:00 AM Town of Danby Municipal Building 130 Brook Road, Danby
Danville 10:00 AM Danville Town Hall 36 US Route 2 W., Danville
Derby 8:00 AM Derby Municipal Office 124 Main Street, Derby Line
Dorset 7:00 AM Dorset Town Offices 112 Mad Tom Road, East Dorset
Dover 7:00 AM Town Hall 189 Taft Brook Road, East Dover
Dummerston 8:00 AM Dummerston Congregational Church 1535 Middle Rd., Dummerston
Duxbury 7:00 AM Duxbury Town Office 5421 VT Route 100, Duxbury
East Haven 10:00 AM Town of East Haven Community Building 64 Community Building Road, East Haven
East Montpelier 7:00 AM East Montpelier Elementary School 665 Vincent Flats Road, East Montpelier
Eden 8:00 AM Town Clerk’s Office 71 Old Schoolhouse Road, Eden
Elmore 8:00 AM Elmore Town Office 1175 VT-12, Wolcott
Enosburgh 10:00 AM ENOSBURGH FIRE STATION 83 Sampsonville Road, Enosburgh Falls
Essex Town 7:00 AM Essex Middle School 60 Founders Road, Essex Junction
Essex Junction City 7:00 AM Essex High School 2 Educational Drive, Essex Junction
Fair Haven 10:00 AM American Legion Post #49 72 South Main St., Fair Haven
Fairfax 7:00 AM Bellows Free Academy 75 Hunt Street, Fairfax
Fairfield 7:00 AM Town Office Building 25 North Road, Fairfield
Fairlee 10:00 AM Fairlee Town Hall 75 Town Common Road, Fairlee
Fayston 7:00 AM Fayston Municipal Building 866 North Fayston Road, Fayston
Ferrisburg 7:00 AM Town Hall and Community Center 3279 Route 7, Ferrisburg
Fletcher 8:00 AM Fletcher Town Offices 33 Shaw Road, Fletcher
Franklin 7:00 AM Franklin Town Hall 5336 Main Street, Franklin
Georgia 7:00 AM Georgia Elementary and Middle School 4416 Ethan Allen Highway, Georgia
Glover 10:00 AM Glover Town Clerk’s Office 51 Bean Hill, Glover
Goshen 9:00 AM Goshen Town Hall 50 Carlisle Hill Road, Goshen
Grafton 9:00 AM Grafton Town Hall 117 Main Street Grafton
Grand Isle 7:00 AM Grand Isle Town Municipal Building 9 Hyde Road, Grand Isle
Granby 10:00 AM Granby Town Hall 9005 Granby Road, Grandby
Granville 7:00 AM Town Hall 4157 VT Route 100, Granville
Greensboro 10:00 AM Greensboro Town Hall 82 Craftsbury Rd., Greensboro
Groton 10:00 AM Groton Community Building 1476 Scott Highway, Groton
Guildhall 10:00 AM The Guild Hall   (Town Hall) 13 Courthouse Drive, Guildhall
Guilford 10:00 AM Guilford Central School 374 School Road, Guilford
Halifax 10:00 AM Halifax Community Hall 20 Brook Road, Halifax
Hancock 10:00 AM Hancock Town Clerk’s Office 1027 VT Route 100, Hancock
Hardwick 9:00 AM Hardwick Town House 127 Church Street, Hardwick
Hartford 7:00 AM Hartford High School 37 Highland Avenue, White River Junction
Hartland 7:00 AM Damon Hall 1 Quechee Road, Hartland
Highate 7:00 AM Highgate Sports Arena 243 Gore Road, Highgate Center
Hinesburg 7:00 AM Hinesburg Town Hall 10632 Route 116, Hinesburg
Holland 7:30 AM Holland Town Office 120 School Road, Holland
Hubbardton 10:00 AM Hubbardton Town Hall 1831 Monument Hill Road
Huntington 6:30 AM Brewster-Pierce School 120 School Street, Huntington
Hyde Park 7:00 AM Hyde Park Municipal Building (Lower Level) 344 VT-15, Hyde Park
Ira 10:00 AM Ira Town Office 53 West Road, Ira
Irasburg 10:00 AM Irasburg Town Hall 118 Park Avenue, Irasburg
Isle La Motte 9:00 AM Isle La Motte Town Hall 42 School Street Ext.
Jamaica 9:00 AM Jamaica Town Office 28 Town Office Rd., Jamaica
Jay 10:00AM Jay Municipal Building 1036 VT Route 242, Jay
Jericho 7:00 AM Mount Mansfield Union High School 211 Brown’s Trace, Jericho
Johnson 9:00 AM Johnson Municipal Building 293 Lower Main West, Johnson
Killington 7:00 AM Killington Town Office 2706 River Road, Killington
Kirby 8:00 AM Kirby Town Hall 346 Town Hall Road, Kirby
Landgrove 8:00 AM Landgrove Town Hall 88 Landgrove Road, Londonderry
Leicester 10:00 AM Leicester Town Office 44 Schoolhouse Road, Leicester
Lemington 10:00 AM Lemington Town Office 2549 River Road, Guildhall
Lincoln 7:00 AM Burnham Hall 52 East River Road, Lincoln
Londonderry 7:00 AM Town Office Twitchell Building 100 Old School St., Londonderry
Lowell 9:00 AM Lowell Town Office 2170 Vermont Route 100, Lowell
Ludlow 10:00 AM Town Hall 37 Depot Street, Ludlow
Lunenburg 6:00 PM Lunenburg Town Clerks office 9 West Main St. Lunenburg
Lyndon 8:00 AM Municipal Office Building Gymnasium 119 Park Avenue, Lyndon
Maidstone 10:00 AM Maidstone Town Hall 508 VT Route 102, Maidstone
Manchester 8:00 AM Manchester Town Hall 40 Jeff Williams Way, Manchester Center
Marlboro 9:00 AM Marlboro Town House 13 Town Hill Road, Marlboro
Marshfield 9:00 AM Old Schoolhouse Common 122 School Street, Marshfield
Mendon 8:00 AM Mendon Town Office 2282 US Route 4, Mendon
Middlebury 7:00 AM Middlebury Recreation Center 154 Creek Road, Middlebury
Middlesex 7:00 AM Middlesex Town Hall (upstairs) 5 Church Street, Middlesex
Middletown Springs 7:00 AM Middletown Springs Historical Society Building 10 Park Avenue, Middletown Springs
 Milton 7:00 AM Milton Municipal Office Building 43 Bombardier Road, Milton
Monkton 7:00 AM Monkton Town Office 92 Monkton Ridge, Monkton
Montgomery 10:00 AM Montgomery Town Hall 57 Main Street, Montgomery Ctr
Montpelier 7:00 AM Montpelier City Hall 39 Main Street, Montpelier
Moretown 7:00 AM Moretown Town Clerks Office 79 School St., Moretown
Morgan 8:00 AM Town Clerk’s Office 41 Meade Hill Road, Morgan
Morristown 8:00 AM Morristown Municipal Office 43 Portland Street, Morristown
Mount Holly 10:00 AM Mount Holly Town Office 50 School Street, Mount Holly
Mount Tabor 10:00 AM Mount Tabor Town Office 522 Brooklyn Road, Mount Tabor
New Haven 7:00 AM New Haven Town Hall 70 North Street, New Haven
Newark 10:00 AM Newark Town Clerk’s Office 1336 Newark Street, Newark
Newbury 10:00 AM Newbury Village Hall 214 Pulaski Street, Newbury
Newfane 9:00 AM Newbrook Fire Station 698 VT Route 30, Newfane
Newport City 8:00 AM Newport Municipal Building 222 Main Street, Newport
Newport Town 8:00 AM Town Clerk Office 102 Vance Hill Road, Newport Center
North Hero 7:00 AM Town Office Meeting Room 6441 US Route 2, North Hero
Northfield 7:00 AM Northfield High School 37 Cross Street, Northfield
Norton 10:00 AM The Miriam Nelson Municipal Building 12 VT Route 114 E, Norton
Norwich 7:00 AM Tracy Hall Gym 300 Main Street, Norwich
Orange 7:00 AM Orange Town Hall 392 US Route 302, Orange
Orwell 10:00 AM Orwell Town Hall 480 Main Street, Orwell
Panton 8:00 AM Panton Town Hall, 2nd Floor 3176 Jersey Street, Panton
Pawlet 9:00 PM Pawlet Town Hall 122 School Street, Pawlet
Peacham 7:00 AM Peacham Town Office 79 Church Street, Peacham
Peru 7:00 AM Peru Town Office 402 Main Street, Peru
Pittsfield 8:00 AM Pittsfield Town Office Building 40 Village Green, Pittsfield
Pittsford 7:00 AM Pittsford Town Office 426 Plains Rd., Pittsford
Plainfield 9:00 AM Plainfield Municipal Building 149 Main St., Plainfield
Plymouth 10:00 AM Town Office Building 68 Town Office Road, Plymouth
Pomfret 8:00 AM Pomfret Town Offices 5218 Pomfret Road, North Pomfret
Poultney 10:00 AM Poultney Fire House 55 Fire House Lane, Poultney
Pownal 10:00 AM Pownal Center Fire House 2872 North Pownal Road, Pownal
Proctor 10:00 AM Proctor Jr./Sr. High School 4 Park Street, Proctor
Putney 10:00 AM Putney Fire Station 21 Carl Snyder Drive, Putney
Randolph 7:00 AM Randolph Town Hall 7 Summer Street, Randolph
Reading 7:00 AM Robinson Hall 799 VT Route 106, Reading
Readsboro 10:00 AM Readsboro Central School 301 Phelps Lane, Readsboro
Richford 10:00 AM Richford Town Hall 94 Main Street, Richford
Richmond 7:00 AM Camels Hump Middle School 173 School Street, Richmond
Ripton 7:00 AM Ripton Community House 1283 VT Route 125, Ripton
Rochester 10:00 AM Rochester Town Office 67 School St., Rochester
Rockingham 8:00 AM Masonic Temple 61 Westminster Street, Bellows Falls
Roxbury 7:00 AM Roxbury Town Clerk’s Office 1664 Roxbury Road, Roxbury
Royalton 8:00 AM White River Union School, Royalton Campus, Large Gym 223 South Windsor Street, Gym Entrance
Rupert 10:00 AM Rupert Town Office 187 East Street, West Rupert
Rutland Town A 7:00 AM Rutland Town Elementary School 1612 Post Road, Rutland
Rutland Town B 7:00 AM Rutland Town Hall 181 Business Route 4, Rutland
Rutland City Ward 1 7:00 AM Godnick Center 22 Deer Street, Rutland
Rutland City Ward 2 7:00 AM Christ the King School 60 South Main Street, Rutland
Rutland City Ward 3 7:00 AM American Legion 33 Washington Street, Rutland
Rutland City Ward 4 7:00 AM Calvary Bible Church 2 Meadow Way, Rutland
Ryegate 10:00 AM Ryegate Town Hall 134 Witherspoon Road, South Ryegate
Saint Albans City 7:00 AM St. Albans City Hall 100 North Main Street, Saint Albans
Saint Albans Town 7:00 AM Collins Perley Sports Center 890 Fairfax Road, Saint Albans
Saint George 6:00 PM Saint George Town Hall 21 Barber Road, Saint George
Saint Johnsbury 8:00 AM Saint Johnsbury Town Office Building 51 Depot Square, St. Johnsbury
Salisbury 8:00 AM Salisbury Town Office 25 Schoolhouse Road, Salisbury
Sandgate 10:00 AM Sandgate Town Hall 3266 Sandgate Road, Arlington
Searsburg 10:00 AM Searburg Town Office 18 Town Garage Road, Searsburg
Shaftsbury 7:00 AM Shaftsbury Town Garage 526 North Road, Shaftsbury
Sharon 7:00 AM Sharon Elementary School 15 School Street, Sharon
Sheffield 9:00 AM Sheffield Municipal Building 37 Dane Road, Sheffield
Shelburne 7:00 AM Town Center Gym 5420 Shelburne Road, Shelburne
Sheldon 7:00 AM Sheldon Town Office 1640 Main Street, Sheldon
Shoreham 7:00 AM Town Offices 297 Main Street, Shoreham
Shrewsbury 10:00 AM Shrewsbury Community Meeting House 88 Lottery Road, Shrewsbury
South Burlington Chittenden 12 7:00 AM Orchard School 2 Baldwin Avenue, South Burlington
South Burlington Chittenden 11, 9 7:00 AM FHT Middle School 500 Dorset Street, South Burlington
South  Burlington Chittenden 10 7:00 AM Chamberlin School 262 White Street, South Burlington
South Hero 7:00 AM Town Office Building 333 Route 2, South Hero
Springfield 8:00 AM Riverside Middle School 13 Fairground Road, Springfield
Stamford 10:00 AM Stamford School Community Room 986 Main Road, Stamford
Stannard 10:00 AM Stannard Town Hall 516 Stannard Mountain Road, Greensboro Bend
Starksboro 7:00 AM Robinson Elementary School 41 Parsonage Road, Starksboro
Stockbridge 9:00 AM Stockbridge Town Office 1722 VT Route 100, Stockbridge
Stowe 7:00 AM Stowe Arena 350 Park St., Stowe
Strafford 7:00 AM Strafford Town House 12 Brook Rd., Strafford
Stratton 10:00 AM Stratton Town Office 9 W. Jamaica Rd., Stratton
Sudbury 10:00 AM Sudbury Town Hall 2759 Route 30, Sudbury
Sunderland 10:00 AM Sunderland Municipal Offices 104 Mountain View Road, Sunderland
Sutton 8:00 AM Sutton Fire Department 691 Burke Rd., Sutton
Swanton 7:00 AM Swanton Village Complex 120 First Street, Swanton
Thetford 8:00 AM Town Hall 3910 VT Route 113, Thetford Center
Tinmouth 8:00 AM Tinmouth Community Center 573 Route 140, Tinmouth
Topsham 10:00 AM Topsham Town Hall 6 Harts Road, Topsham
Townshend 8:00 AM Townshend Town Hall 2006 VT Route 30, Townshend
Troy 10:00 AM Troy Town Clerk’s Office 142 Main Street, North Troy
Tunbridge 10:00 AM Tunbridge Town Hall 275 VT Route 110, Tunbridge
Underhill 7:00 AM Underhill Town Hall 12 Pleasant Valley Road, Underhill
Vergennes 9:00 AM Fire Station 50 Green Street, Vergennes
Vernon 7:00 AM Vernon Town Hall (downstairs) 567 Governor Hunt Road, Vernon
Vershire 7:00 AM Town Center Building 27 Vershire Center Road, Vershire
Victory 10:00 AM Victory Town Hall 102 Radar Road, Victory
Waitsfield 7:00 AM Waitsfield Elementary School 3951 Main Street, Waitsfield
Walden 10:00 AM Walden Town Clerk’s Office 12 VT-215, Walden
Wallingford 10:00 AM Wallingford Town Hall 75 School Street, Wallingford
Waltham 10:00 AM Waltham Town Hall 2053 Maple Street, Waltham
Wardsboro 9:00 AM Town Hall 71 Main Street, Wardsboro
Warren 7:00 AM Warren Library/Town Hall 413 Main Street, Warren
Washington 7:00 AM Washington Town Hall 2895 VT Route 110, Washington
Waterbury 7:00 AM Brookside Primary School 47 Stowe Street, Waterbury
Waterford 7:00 AM Waterford Fire Department 2661 Duck Pond Road
Waterville 10:00 AM Waterville Town Hall 544 VT Route 109, Waterville
Weathersfield 8:00 AM Martin Memorial Hall 5259 US Route 5, Ascutney
Wells 10:00 AM Wells Town Office 1064 VT RT 30, Wells
West Fairlee 10:00 AM Community Building/Town Office 870 VT Route 113, West Fairlee
West Haven 10:00 AM Buckley Memorial Hall 2919 Main Road, West Haven
West Rutland 10:00 AM West Rutland Town Hall 35 Marble Street, West Rutland
West Windsor 9:00 AM Story Memorial Hall 22 Brownsville-Hartland Road, Windsor
Westfield 9:00 AM Westfield Community Center 59 North Hill Road, Westfield
Westford 7:00 AM Westford School 146 Brookside Road, Westford
Westminster 10:00 AM Westminster Town Hall 3651 US Route 5, Westminster
Westmore 10:00 AM Westmore Municipal Offices 30 Hinton Hill Road, Westmore
Weston 8:00 AM Weston Town Office 12 Lawrence Hill Rd.,Weston
Weybridge 7:00 AM Town Clerk’s Office 1727 Quaker Village Road, Weybridge
Wheelock 10:00 AM Wheelock Town Hall 1192 Route 122, Wheelock
Whiting 7:00 AM Whiting Fire Station 75 South Main Street, Whiting
Whitingham 10:00 AM Whitingham Municipal Center 2948 VT Route 100, Whitingham
Williamstown 7:00 AM Williamstown Middle/High School 120 Hebert Road, Williamstown
Williston 7:00 AM Williston Armory 7846 Williston Road, Williston
Wilmington 7:00 AM The Old School Community Center 1 School Street, Wilmington
Windham 10:00 AM Windham Meeting House 26 Harrington Road, Windham
 Windsor 9:00 AM Windsor Municipal Bldg. Rec. Ctr. Gym 29 Union Street, Windsor
Winhall 10:00 AM Winhall Town Hall 115 VT. Rte. 30, Bondville
Winooski 7:00 AM Winooski Senior Center 123 Barlow Street, Winooski
Wolcott 8:00 AM Wolcott Town Office 28 Railroad Street, Wolcott
Woodbury 10:00 AM Woodbury Town Hall 3675 VT Route 14, Woodbury
Woodford 7:00 AM Woodford Town Hall 1391 VT Route 9, Woodford
Woodstock 7:00 AM Woodstock Town Hall 31 The Green, Woodstock
Worcester 7:00 AM Worcester Town Hall 12 Worcester Village Road