Phil Scott’s Weekly Campaign Update 9-30-16

Another great week on the campaign trail is in the books, as Vermonters continue to show enthusiastic support for Phil’s economic ideas and message. Check out this week’s highlights from the state’s most energetic and hardworking campaign.

Early voting has begun! Don’t want to wait until November 8 to vote for Phil? Click HERE to find your town clerk’s location or to request an absentee ballot. This election is important. If you’re committed to voting for Phil – and we hope you are because it’s time for a leader focused on the economy – get to the polls early to help ensure he’s elected on November 8.

Getting out the vote for the election is critical – we want all Vermonters’ voices to be heard. To support these efforts for Republican candidates throughout the state, Phil will be at the Vermont Republican Party 2016 Fall Harvest Dinner on Wednesday, October 5This event helps raise resources for Get Out the Vote efforts for the November 8 election. RSVP today by clicking HERE.

At a party celebrating the 70th anniversary of Dubois Construction, Phil announced that he will sell his share in the company if he is elected the next Governor of Vermont.

In his remarks, Phil shared his personal story and history with Dubois Construction, the “ups and downs,” highlighting some of the challenges of owning a business and how a small, family-run business must tackle adversity in order to survive. These are lessons that have informed his leadership style and give him the kind of perspective we need in Montpelier.

“Though I would have never guessed it 16 years ago, I have come to understand that this work — the work of making sure the voice of every working Vermonter and every family is heard in Montpelier — is never done,” he said. “I know this decision is the right one and will assure Vermonters that there is nothing more important to me than serving themand following through on the commitments I am making in this campaign to make the economy and affordability Montpelier’s top priorities, and to restore the faith and trust that has been lost in state government in the last six years.”

Having spent 30 years growing this successful small business, this was a tough decision for Phil. But that is what leadership is about. This is the type of leadership we need in the Governor’s office! Read more HERE.


Phil toured Springfield Hospital Tuesday and presented his healthcare reform priorities as part of a Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center policy series. You can view Phil’s plan to get healthcare reform back on track HERE. As he told the group, addressing our healthcare challenges is central to his goals of strengthening the economy and making Vermont more affordable.

Making progress requires setting aside ideological crusades and working together to craft a system that is more efficient, innovative and can care for everyone. Phil’s plan includes moving to a functional health insurance exchange with more affordable options, while preserving subsidies; getting Medicaid and long-term care costs under control; enforcing full price transparency; and changing federal laws to allow Vermonters to purchase insurance across state lines. Read more about the Springfield Hospital event in Vermont Business HERE.


Phil participated in a number of forums and debates this week, showcasing why he is the only candidate that is committed to moving Vermont forward without adding to Vermont’s crisis of affordability.

There is a fundamental difference in how Phil and his opponent would approach Vermont’s future. We’ve seen the result of six years of unsustainable budgeting practices that spend beyond our means and get distracted by pet projects and ideological debates. That’s why “focusing on the economy and affordability” isn’t just a talking point, Phil means it. As Governor, Phil will work to keep Montpelier focused on the fundamentals of building a dynamic economy. He knows if we all work together, focus on common ground, and commit to the goal of making Vermont more prosperous, that we can make Vermont more affordable for working families, balance the budget, and support our most vulnerable.

That vision and leadership was demonstrated in a number of debates this week. As those debates illustrated, there is a clear contrast between Phil and his opponent, including what their priorities would be, and whether we’ll balance the budget by increasing taxes and fees on working families and businesses, or through modernization, efficiency and organic growth from a more robust economy.

If you weren’t able to join us at the debates this week, check out the Digger Dialogue HERE.


With just over five weeks to go in this election, Phil is working hard to meet with as many Vermonters as he can, so he understands your challenges and how he can best serve you as Governor. This week, he shared his plans and priorities with industry professionals, advocates, businesses and families during forums at Springfield Hospital, the Prevent Child Abuse Conference, and the Homebuilders Breakfast at Snyder Homes. Phil and Team Scott also enjoyed a pig roast in Charlotte, the Bristol Village FestivalUnderhill’s Harvest Market Festival parade and met with Vermonters in Fairfax and at Wheel House Designs in Morristown. Thanks to everyone who is participating our events!


ICYMI: PHIL IN THE NEWSScott, Brock are top choices
“Just compare the qualifications and administrative experiences of Phil Scott and Randy Brock against their opponents, both with very limited administrative experience. I think you will agree who should be our next governor and lieutenant governor.” – Chet Greenwood, Derby (Source: Rutland Herald: Full Letter)

Democrats for Phil
“As a lifelong Democrat/Independent, I have voted for Phil in the past because of his integrity. Many members of the Democratic party have lost their integrity and do not care about Vermonter’s health and welfare.” Bruce and Sally Collopy, Fairfield (Source: Caledonian Record: Full Letter)
If you’re a Democrat who, like Bruce and Sally, plans to vote for Phil, we’d love to hear more. Please email

Phil’s non-divisive style and thoughtful approach appeals across party lines
There is, after all, considerable overlap in the appeal of Republican Phil Scott and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders: ‘The reason he’s popular is he’s different than the national party,’ says [WDEV’s Mike Smith]. That is the Vermont way.” (Source: Politico: Full Article)

Phil: Prioritize spending on people, not processes 
“Prevention of child abuse is crucial, and finding ways to redirect dollars away from the process and to the people who are really actually in need requires constant, constant focus on improving the operation performance of every single agency.” (Source: VT Digger: Full Article)

Phil: Give Vermonters a voice in healthcare
“Vermonters deserve to have a really detailed discussion about [Gov. Shumlin’s plans for an all-payer healthcare model] before we move forward. And if that takes a month, two months, six months or a year, I think it’s worth having. So I think it’s premature to lock us into an agreement, something that the next administration will have to deal with.” (Source: Vermont Public Radio: Full Article)

In defense of democracy
“Phil Scott is the person defending democratic traditions in this case.” (Source: Tom Koch in VT Digger: Full Commentary)

ICYMI: THIS WEEK’S #GOODREADSPhil: A plan for a more prosperous future
In an opinion piece contributed to the Rutland Herald this week, Phil outlines his plans for economic growth, and how he’ll work to make Vermont more affordable as Governor. As he states in the article, “To take Vermont’s economy in a more prosperous direction, it is essential that our state leadership and legislators focus on economic growth and making Vermont more affordable for families and businesses.” Learn more about Phil’s strategy for growth by reading his full article HERE and his economic plans HERE.

John Klar: Watch the birdie politics
John Klar is a Vermont grass-fed beef and sheep farmer, and an attorney and pastor. And he is fed up with candidates who seek to distract Vermonters from our real economic challenges by bringing up partisan issues that aren’t a priority here in Vermont. As he writes in VT Digger, “We have a bit of a crisis unfolding in Vermont. Our state is limited by the realities of the economy, while our government has in recent years overspent, overtaxed and wasted (Vermont Health Connect) our financial resources.” Klar explains how our current leadership has led us down this road and notes, “The one thing Democrats do not want discussed come November is fiscal accountability. Vermonters are still feeling the sting of recent fee and tax increases: Democrats have little to no credibility proposing a fiscal solution to our current plight.” Instead, he writes, the Democrats running for Vermont’s top jobs are working to distract Vermonters. “Maybe you accept lots of out-of-state money to shift the debate to guns and abortions, neither of which is a real issue for struggling Vermonters, but both of which give candidates two things – easy money and a hot-button issue to create that ‘little birdie’ to distract voters from that pesky budget thing. Democrats are holding a losing hand on fiscal responsibility – so they seek to garner a new hand of cards.” It’s an interesting perspective. We encourage you to read the full article HERE.

John McClaughry: Tax Prospects for 2017
Phil understands that Vermonters cannot afford more taxes and fees, and that we must end the unsustainable practice of “balancing” the budget on the backs of taxpayers! In an opinion piece in the Rutland Herald, John McClaughry, vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute, outlines the tax battles that will be on the table for the new legislature and Governor. Read the full article HEREPhil is the only candidate who has committed to addressing our crisis of affordability, and who will not add new taxes and fees for Vermonters and businesses. Read more on Phil’s economic plans HERE.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to follow and support our campaign. Be sure to follow along with the campaign’s activities every day – and share your thoughts – @PhilScott4VT and