PHIL SCOTT: ‘We will focus on the fundamentals of a vibrant economy…’

Scott is Only Candidate to Focus On These Core Issues Throughout the Campaign

Middlesex, Vt., November 4, 2016 A new video released today by Phil Scott, candidate for Governor, emphasizes Scott’s longstanding commitment to making the economy and affordability the top priorities of state government. In the 30-second ad, Scott lays out his vision for Vermont and his approach to driving economic growth that has a meaningful, sustained impact on all Vermonters.

“I’m not willing to sell out Vermont for a short term game,” Scott says. “We need to look beyond … into the next decade in order to be more self-sufficient. We need to focus on the fundamentals of a vibrant economy. On having a budget where we live within our means,” he continues.

Throughout the campaign, Scott has committed to making the economy and affordability his top priorities, and to responsible budgeting that ends the unsustainable practice of increasingly raising taxes and fees on Vermonters. View his proposals at

“We aren’t going to get out of this by taxing people more, by putting more burden on our citizens. We have the power to change the direction in Vermont, where we can all prosper if we work together,” Scott concludes.


Watch the full video here: