Lt. Governor Phil Scott Issues Statement on Passing of Former Lt. Governor Barbara Snelling

Lt. Governor Phil Scott issued the following statement on the passing of former Vermont Lt. Governor Barbara Snelling:

“Barbara Snelling is a Vermonter who lived her life in a way we can all learn from. She reminded us that as public servants, we must selflessly put progress ahead of politics.  As family members, she reminded us of the value of empowering our spouse, our children and our friends to find their voice and serve.

“I served with Barbara in the Senate. We were freshmen legislators together – though she was more experienced, having served as Lt. Governor before serving in the Senate.

“Vermonters can honor Barbara by carrying on her legacy of public service, finding ways to work with others, and living our lives to the fullest – leaving no opportunity behind.

“She was a true public servant, and my thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.”