Lt. Governor Phil Scott Issues Statement on All Payer Model (Source: Office of the Lt. Governor)

Lt. Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement on the Green Mountain Care Board’s release of the All Payer Model term sheet:

“Rising healthcare costs are a contributor to the crisis of affordability working families face. Vermonters need a health care system that contains costs, provides universal access and improves our overall health.

“The Green Mountain Care Board is undoubtedly aware that Vermonters are justifiably skeptical about state government’s ability to make and implement substantial policy decisions of this magnitude. The single-payer discussion went on for far too long, Vermont’s health care exchange is still dysfunctional, and plans are still unaffordable for too many.

“On an issue of such significance and given the vast amount of details involved in the All Payer proposal, there are many questions that will need to be answered. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • How will cost savings be achieved in an all payer model, who will measure the savings and how will any savings be returned to Vermonters?
  • How will an all payer model preserve every Vermonter’s access to the hospital, doctor and other providers of their choice?
  • How does an all payer model preserve access to all the services currently covered by Medicare?
  • How will an all payer model impact Vermont’s ability to retain and recruit the nation’s best health care providers?
  • How will state government meet its obligations in an all payer model given the ongoing struggles in managing Vermont Health Connect and the state’s Medicaid program?

“Given the failed experiments of the last several years, effective leadership will be essential for an all payer model to work for Vermonters. I am pleased the Green Mountain Care Board is bringing detailed information forward on the All Payer Model; it is imperative that we have a transparent statewide discussion.”