“We encourage our fellow Vermonters to vote for Phil Scott for Governor…”

We were born, raised and educated in Vermont, are now raising a family here and have carried on the family businesses of farming and logging. We encourage our fellow Vermonters to vote for Phil Scott for Governor.

His approach is one of balance and thoughtful consideration when charting the state’s path into the future. It’s an approach that the most successful people use in their personal, business and political lives. Our best mentors have taught us this as well and we can’t help but gravitate toward a leader who isn’t seeking an extreme, uncompromising position on important legislation.

All business owners who’s work is intertwined with our natural resources are evolving in how we view and modify our impact on the environment. Phil Scott is the candidate that has experience with both the regulatory and the applied side of that equation, having operated and grown a business that interacts with our natural resources like thousands of other Vermonters, in construction, on the farm or the woods. Phil Scott has our vote in November and we hope he has yours too.

– Sam and Ashley Lincoln, Randolph Center