“He was the only one who stepped up to help us.”

We live in Weston’s Mobile Home Park on Northfield St. in Berlin. When Irene tore through Central Vermont we, along with 70 other families lost their homes. We were all shell shocked and nobody really knew what to do. The main problem was getting rid of the existing mobile homes.
Phil came in and organized the removal of the mobile homes and made it possible for those who bought new homes to get the state taxes back because we hadn’t planned on buying a new home.
He was the only one who stepped up to help us. Most of the focus at that time was in Waterbury with the loss of the state complex out there. It was nice to know someone was there for us too.
I had the opportunity to speak with him because he spent a lot of time here in the park and I told him that come election time, I wouldn’t forget him. I’m going to keep that promise. I’m a “card carrying” democrat but I do vote republican if that candidate is better. In this case, that’s very true. Thank you Phil.

Patty Clements Goodell. Berlin, VT