Scott Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Construction Company, Reveals Plan to Sell his Share if Elected

Middlesex, Vt. – At a party Saturday celebrating the 70th anniversary of Dubois Construction, Phil Scott announced to a group of employees, former employees, their families, and supporters that he will sell his share in the company if he is elected the next Governor of Vermont.

In his remarks, Scott shared his personal story and history with Dubois Construction, the “ups and downs,” highlighting some of the challenges of owning a business and how a small, family-run business must tackle adversity in order to survive.

“Running a small business isn’t easy. It takes intestinal fortitude, hard work and a great team,” Scott said. “We had our share of sleepless nights wondering how to make payroll, where our next job was coming from and how do we pay our bills. No business can survive with just buildings and equipment. The core of its success is the people: The employees with the talent to put forth ideas and concepts and make them into reality.”

Recalling what initially sparked his interest in politics, Scott said it was about bringing the voice of small family businesses and their employees to Montpelier.

“Though I would have never guessed it 16 years ago, I have come to understand that this work — the work of making sure the voice of every working Vermonter and every family is heard in Montpelier — is never done,” Scott said.  “I know this decision is the right one and will assure Vermonters that there is nothing more important to me than serving them and following through on the commitments I am making in this campaign to make the economy and affordability Montpelier’s top priorities, and to restore the faith and trust that has been lost in state government in the last six years.”