In New Ad, Trust Fuels Family’s Support for Phil Scott

Middlesex, Vt. – Phil Scott, candidate for Governor, released his second television ad in as many days to reiterate the broad support he has amongst Democrats and highlight the issues leading these voters across the aisle.

Shelby Quinn, an elementary school teacher from Northfield, explains why she is voting for Phil Scott in this election:

“As someone raising a family here in Vermont, I’m looking for a Governor who understands every day Vermonters, someone who knows the value of education, and someone who is upfront and honest about their plans for Vermont.” Quinn said of her decision to vote for Phil Scott. “I want my kids to grow up here and stay in Vermont, and for me, that means I will vote for the candidate I can trust to put Vermont back on a sustainable path. Phil’s priorities to focus on the economy, make Vermont more affordable, and invest in early education made the decision clear for me in this election,” Quinn said.

Scott is the only candidate in this election to put forward numerous proposals and ideas to grow Vermont’s economy. Scott’s also the only candidate with a plan to restore fiscal discipline in Montpelier and Vermonters’ faith and trust in state government. Scott’s12-part Economic Growth Plan, and his plans for government modernization, truth in budgeting and fiscal responsibility, healthcare reform, transportation priorities and opiate action can be found at

Full Script Below:

“I know we can trust Phil Scott on the issues that mean the most to our families.

“I don’t feel the same way about Sue Minter, with all the taxes she plans to raise, we won’t be able to afford to live here.

“That’s why I support Phil Scott.

“He has a plan to strengthen the economy, create good jobs and grow our middle class.

“I’m a Democrat, I’m a teacher and I’m voting for Phil Scott. I hope you will too.”


Watch the full ad here: