Phil’s Comprehensive Economic Plan

Restoring Vermont’s Fiscal Fundamentals, Strengthening the Economy & Making Vermont More Affordable for Families and Businesses. PHIL SCOTT’S COMPREHENSIVE BLUEPRINT FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH To Vermonters, I am the only candidate for Governor who knows what it is like to live paycheck-to-paycheck while raising a family (two talented, independent, beautiful young women!) and growing a familyRead More

Affordable & Accessible Healthcare

As your Governor, I will work to put health care reform back on track with the goal of making health care more affordable and accessible for every Vermonter and every business. That means setting aside ideologically and politically motivated crusades and, instead, work together to craft a system that is more efficient and innovative, andRead More

Phil Scott For Vermont Addressing Vermont’s Opiate Epidemic

Virtually every family in our state has been affected by the opiate crisis.  I’ve seen the impact of addiction in my own extended family. No one is immune, and we all have a part to play in the solution.  There is clearly a correlation between addiction to opiates, and crime, poverty and uncertainty in ourRead More

Phil Scott for Vermont Transportation Priorities

Phil Scott for Vermont Transportation Priorities Strengthening the Link Between Economic Growth & Infrastructure   As Governor, I will prioritize spending in pro-growth areas such as technical education, workforce development and infrastructure. If we can get more value out of every transportation dollar Vermont spends – and operate our state transportation agency and system asRead More


Budget Policy It’s time for a Governor who is honest about what things cost, what Vermonters can afford and the need to reform outdated, inefficient and expensive systems within state government. A Phil Scott administration will: Stay laser-focused on the economic and fiscal fundamentals; Set clear standards and limits that help Vermonters get ahead, insteadRead More

A Plan for Government Modernization Efficiency Through Innovation

We need to modernize, and where necessary, restructure government by streamlining services for Vermonters to improve their experience. As the state’s disastrous and expensive experience with Vermont Health Connect has taught, we need to have far better project management protocols in place. Today, you must go to three different departments to register a business; youRead More

Restoring Faith and Trust in Government

Phil is running for Governor to make a difference for Vermonters and that starts with restoring faith and trust in state government.
Disengaged leadership, expensive policy experiments, misguided proposals and an overall lack of transparency and accountability have damaged trust in state government over the last six years. This erosion of public trust has had a significant impact on Vermont and will require a strong, focused leader to address these challenges.