Phil Scott’s Weekly Campaign Update 10-21-2016

This was an exciting week filled with notable endorsements, Phil’s strong debate performances demonstrating the clear contrast in this election and, as always, incredible enthusiasm from supporters around the state. Check out this week’s highlights from the state’s most energetic and hardworking campaign.

Early voting is open now, so click HERE to find your town clerk’s location or to request an absentee ballot, and get those votes in for Phil now. We’re so encouraged by all of the early voting support we’re hearing about on social media. Let’s keep rolling straight through to a strong victory on November 8!

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This probably won’t come as a surprise to any of you: Vermont is a high tax state. Making Vermont more affordable will be one of Phil’s top priorities, and taxes are a big focus. Phil’s outlined several proposals to simplify tax laws, benchmark spending against specific outcomes and create a more welcoming and predictable environment for job creators. These proposals are part of his comprehensive economic development plan, which you can view HERE.
Phil will work to make state government more efficient and he will propose investing a portion of those savings in lowering the personal and business tax burden across the board. He’ll create a more welcoming environment for retirees and veterans by phasing out the tax on both social security and military retirement benefits. He’ll also work to restore the full Research & Development tax credit and the film production tax credit. He’ll explore a number of approaches to encourage investment of private capitaland establish a real angel investor tax credit. A Phil Scott Administration will use the tax code strategically to stimulate economic growth. 
Read more about these proposals HERE (beginning on page 21).


Citing his leadership on law enforcement issues and commitment to public safety, both the Vermont Police Association and the Vermont Troopers Association this week endorsed Phil for Governor.“During Mr. Scott’s years of public service as Senator and Lt. Governor, he has demonstrated a true commitment to public safety legislation serving Vermont’s best interest. Lt. Governor Scott fully understands the challenges posed by the array of public safety issues Vermont must address. The Vermont Police Association believes that Mr. Scott can be relied upon to address those issues,” said George P. Merkel, President of the Vermont Police Association. Read the full endorsement HERE.

“Lt. Governor Scott has said on many occasions that a critical role of government is ensuring public safety. We look forward to working with him in the future to improve fair and impartial law enforcement standards, combat the opiate epidemic, and address the array of issues Troopers face every day in Vermont,” said Sgt. Michael O’Neil, President of the Vermont Troopers Association. Read the full endorsement HERE.

Throughout Phil’s entire career he has made a practice of listening to all perspectives and considering any idea that will help improve the lives of Vermonters, regardless of which party it comes from. He’s always willing to work across the aisle, and understands that we must work together in order to make real progress. 
That leadership style, along with his pro-growth plans and commitment to addressing our crisis of affordability, has attracted support from Vermonters of all political parties. That support is on full display in a new television ad highlighting some of the many Vermont Democrats who plan to vote for Phil on November 8.“Everywhere I go, in my Senate district and throughout Vermont, I hear from self-proclaimed Democrats that Phil Scott is the clear choice in this election for Governor,” said Sen. Dick Mazza (D-Grand Isle) in the ad. “Most importantly, Phil will provide the balance we need in Montpelier to ensure we’re all focused on growing the economy and making Vermont more affordable so we can invest in our children, communities and future. He’ll be a Governor for every Vermonter, not just one side or the other,” Mazza concludes.

Read the official press release HERE and watch it below.