Official Statement on Lisman’s Latest Mistruth

Montpelier, Vt. — Brittney Wilson, spokeswoman for the Phil Scott for Governor campaign, today issued the following statement about Bruce Lisman’s latest mistruth:

“Bruce Lisman is once again intentionally misleading Vermonters. As his campaign continues to slide, his rhetoric becomes more shrill and his attacks more desperate. Of course, these are the kinds of political games you would expect from a stable of expensive D.C. consultants and a candidate trying to buy an election with the piles of Wall Street money at his disposal.

“Vermonters know Phil Scott and they know he’s the candidate who will always put Vermont’s working families and small businesses first. They want honesty and integrity in their next Governor. They know that Phil has decades of experience in transportation, as a small business owner of an excavation company, and as a State Senator who served on the transportation committee.

“Growing the economy and making Vermont more affordable are Phil’s top priorities. Vermonters are taxed too much. It’s that simple. Phil will not support measures to increase taxes on working families. Period.

“It’s time to get real about the need to support our nation’s infrastructure including our roads and bridges. That means we must engage in a national discussion about a different funding model for road and bridge repair and maintenance — one that would eliminate state and federal gas taxes. Our nation’s highways are literally crumbling and the cost of maintaining them, the burden of the gas tax, is shifting overwhelmingly to the working class who cannot afford hybrid or electric vehicles. Current gas taxes are unsustainable and regressive. Bruce Lisman is apparently incapable of being honest about these facts.

“Phil will not support higher taxes to pay for infrastructure because Vermonters simply cannot afford them. He will work with our national and state partners to ensure that adequate funding is there to support our state’s aging roads and bridges — and that lower income working families aren’t continuously being asked to pay more than their fair share, while wealthier travelers pay less.”

Media Contact:
Brittney Wilson