Video: Phil Scott For Vermont – Civic Duty

Phil’s campaign for Governor is about responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience. It’s about how we as Vermonters respect each other, our communities and our beloved state. And how these values bring us together to address our biggest challenges and create great opportunities to move forward on every level of our lives.

For Phil, it’s all about building a better Vermont, and a better economy, for everyone — by setting clear priorities and focusing on the fundamentals. From his blue collar Barre beginnings and his family-owned construction business, to his experience in the Legislature, Phil knows what Vermonters want and deserve and he knows how to get us there. Phil’s lifelong experiences will guide him as Governor.

Phil always says it’s about listening, learning and leading. It’s about teamwork, consensus and common ground. We believe that too — that’s why hundreds of Vermonters have already signed on to contribute to this campaign in whatever way they can.

We need a Governor like Phil Scott who will roll up his sleeves every day, do the difficult work and build the consensus we need to make our state more affordable. And who will always appeal to the values and vision that unite us, instead of those things that divide us.

Phil Scott truly believes in Vermont and he knows you do too! Please unite with hundreds of other Vermonters and join the team today — we’re going to elect a leader who will work for all of us!

Together, there is no challenge we cannot meet.